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Canadian Tire service in Vaudreuil has the worst service around. I recently had tires changed there and they broke 2 tire pressure sensors. When I picked up the van they simply handed me a bag saying they were broke. They weren't broke (a light comes on if there is any problem with them) before they changed the tires.

The told me if I wanted them fixed the parts were $85.00 each plus labor. I called Toyota and they told me other Canadian Tire stores have broken the sensors but they paid for the parts and fixed THEIR mistake.

When I called the manager at the Canadian Tire in Vaudreuil (Jean Aspirot) he was very rude and told me it was not his problem. When I told him I would come into the store to discuss this he said he would call the police if I caused any problems there. I asked him how coming into the store to discuss the parts he broke would be a problem he hung up on me. I called back and he hung up right away.

Now that I get speaking to other people All have had terrible service at the Canadian Tire in Vaudreuil.


Posted by an unregistered user
Don't stop at the store customer relations and they will help you with your problem at that store. If they have made a mistake and damaged your vehicle as a result, they will have to pay.


Posted by an unregistered user
Don't stop at the store customer relations and they will help you with your problem at that store. If they have made a mistake and damaged your vehicle as a result, they will have to pay.

No they will not have to pay. TPMS are well know to break when taken off, this is sometime not something that can be avoided. Most of them are located at the base of the valve stem and rust, they are fine untill removed but if they are corroded never work again once removed. This is not a CT only problem either, my mothers Honda CRV has had 2 tires changes and both time Honda had to replace them and they were not covered by warranty. I also am involed with a local mechanic shop and they to have the same problems. I can't comment on how you were treated becasue i wasn't there but the tire sensors breakin most likely was not there fault and the should not have to pay and most likely wont. Infact many newer sensors actually say not to be reused on them.


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I agree this store has the worst costumer service!! The workers at the store are not helpful or curtious!! They dont try to be helpful, I feel that they dont care about sales!! I have been a few times to purchase fairly expensive things and they do not help to make sure they get that sale!! I have left 3 times because of this, they leave you standing and waiting, serve others during a sale with me because I required info on delivery and warrenty!! Lazy people!! The last time, which is why I am writing this post, they kept me on hold for 35 minutes, which is long distance!! The good thing about this store is that they always have things in stock, probably because of their incompitance, people do not buy from this store!! That is why I go because other stores around me have things flying of the shelves. I recently found this great gazebo from Canadian tire but was out of stock or had 1 left and by the time I go they are gone. All the stores kept saying that this one had it available but because of my previous experience I was not going back!! But in the end we decided to just do it. It is about 45 minutes away from us so I called, was on hold for 10 minutes and finally I got the customer service girl to page him as I was impatient...she did and was talking to him within minutes. He said that they had this in stock but would not give me delivery price over the phone, which every other one did, I complained and he hung up on me!! I discussed with my spouse and we just decided to go and get it. We figured we would call back and tell them we were on our way and to not sell it, if possible, as it was 45 minutes to get there. Same thing waited and waited, called the customer service, she too put me on hold, kept callinbg back after 35 minutes I gave her heck for the long wait and she said she would direct my call to the stock people, that did not happen, she came back on the line and said they were out of stock!! I told her that was weird as I talked to they guy earlier and she just rudely said, someone just bought it!! Whether this is true or they were fed up of me, which is how i felt!! This transaction would have been around 1500 dollars that they lost from me and any future transactions!! So I ordered my gazebo and the accaessories through our local CT and I will patiently await its arrival!!
Final word...This store sales people suck!!!!!!!