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The staff is not only unknowledgable on their products but they are down right rude!.
I went in there last week only to stand at the till for about 5 minuts while the lady sat on the phone with an obvious personal call.
Then today I go in to buy a specific item that was on sale. I had been to the wetaskawin ct and the leduc ct both of them said they honor sales prices 7 days after the sale.
So first of all, they give me the product with a damaged package. When I ask about the return policy they say...'Oh...I don't know"...silence....I ask "Okay does anyone here know?" and she points to the customer service lady then says "but she's buisy".
I walk over, stand there for a minut and the lady sets down the phone to help me. I tell her I had a few questions and can wait until she is finished on the phone.. She says "no, I can help".I get half way through my first question, when the OTHER lady comes up and tells me "um...she is buisy right now"
To which all I can do is laugh.
Then, I get to the other till to pay and there is a hastle with the sale price..even though I was JUST talking to customer service who comfirmed the price with me.
Holy crap...really?
So then I ask about thier return policy. She says "oh..uh...I dunno"...silence...I leave.
NEVER going back again.EVER.
You'd think they would get at LEAST one person with half a brain working there. We thought wrong.