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This is one of the most unprofessionally run stores I have ever been to. I live far out of town - a two hour drive away - and called to inquire if the product I was looking for was in stock. I was assured that it was and they even checked the shelves. I specifically asked questions about the product and they assured me multiple times that this was the product I was looking for. After the long drive I show up and they do not have what I asked for. I tried to check the box but because it was so heavy I couldn't do it. The employee working in the section just watched me struggle with no attempt to help. They lied and assured me that this was exactly the same product. They said I could take it home and bring it back if it wasn't to my liking - another lie as the warranty was for a short amount of time....luckily I asked about that as well. They carry old stock and mislead the public advertising new models which they do not stock. Do not advertise products that you do not have. It's pretty simple. To make matters worse they lie about it. When I was at the cash the cashier was rude as were the two "managers" that came over. Not one person apologized. The cashier even said when I asked if the managers or anyone was coming back to help me and she said well I don't know and don't care cause I'm off now. After calling the head office customer service they forwarded my message to the store manager who did not even bother replying back to me. Even after I call and asked to speak to them. It only proves that this store as many other Canadian Tire stores has severe customer service problems. They will lie to sell old stock and inconvience people knowingly. They do not want to take responsibility for their mistakes and just simply walk away which is what the managers did to me when I was there in person. They really do suck. This forum is a great idea to expose the company for it's poor treatment of customers.


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I can almost guarntee your demeanor when you saw the product wasn't the one you had asked about changed from polite to ignorant. This is the reason no one was willing to help you. No one wants to help someone who is angry and unpolite. Remember these people deal with difficult customers each and everyday. They do not make huge dollars and are normally excellent people. Just like everybody they are not perfect.