Bad Customer Service at MAVIS & BRITANNIA ( Mississauga ) Hardware section


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when you need help and you request for help someone suppose to help specially with Heavy Lifting, and when i was refused for help, I requested to speak to a Manager, and when Manager comes down before i start talking, he says Don't give me a smile because i can hear you that your upset and before anyone says anything he said this guy works here for last 18years and he never said anything wrong so why are you upset?

isn't suppose to be hear what happened from my view? and beside all this, i did hurt my back and i did miss my work today and i am at doctor, so after he gives me my result i will be contacting my Lawyer for this... I hope Richard and his so called Manager be read for this ....

This pain making me more angry now, and what happened to our Canadian Tire let me help you out and big smile
so you`re saying that you asked for help lifting something heavy that you want to spend money on and both an employee and a manager looked at you and said right to you, no i won`t help you?

likely story
Sorry to hear about you back injury. That shouldn't have happened.

I hope your lawyer is able to help with you. I don't know how well that will go. Even when CT kills or injures people it they seem to drag it through the courts before they will setlte.