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Yes I am, and I'm proud of it. This corporation is dispicable with its employees. However I'm sure I won't be working there much longer as now that Christmas and Boxing day is over and they've made a good bulk of their money from our hard work It's quite logical they should now cut back all our hours making it an unlivable wage for someone relying on only that as an income. So I guess I won't be working here much longer.
What Bothers me is that they can't even do the decent thing and lay us off. No they drive the hours so low you have to quit instead of being able to file for UI.

Anyways, screw Canadian Tire. I used the place for money and they used me much more in return. Luckily I deliver nothing. I consider myself the bad employee. I don't know if this is against the rules but I do blog about my time at CT and how crappy it's run and with the managers/fellow employees. Here's an excerpt:
"I'm a retail employee.
I working at your favorite big box store.
We sell lots of your favorite products all conveniently under one big roof.
And do you want to know a secret?
I hate your guts and I don't even know you.

To me working with the public in any customer service position face-to-face is always confrontational. Even when courtesy is shown on both sides it is done to save face or obtain what either of us want. I want to quit my job everyday but have bills to pay and at the moment my options are somewhat limited. So we have the situation I find myself in now. The game is a foot.

What is the name of that game? It's to obtain as much money possible via delivering the least amount of productivity possible. If I could go to work and do absolutely nothing and get paid for it, I would have hit the jack pot. Even making minimum wage. Alas, that is not the case. Hence the battle begins everyday and everyone stopping me from obtaining that goal is my enemy. Follow along as I battle unproductively in a corporately run retail outlet against those who will do anything for a bottom line. "

If you're interested in the rest you can read more at, my article on our very out dated Green text monitors makes it very clear I'm a CT employee.:
Recorded Warning
Your not the only one. I HATE working at CT. It is such a BS job, the amount of work they expect you to get done in a day is simply impossible. What they pay is bullshit and I dont know about the store you work/worked at but here it seems the lazy you are the more you get paid and the more work you do the less you get money and respect wise. The customers here also are some of the rudest, cruelest people I have ever had to deal with. If it wasn't pretty much all retail work where I live I probably would have quit by now and found a new job. After working at CT, I dont think I could handle another customer service oriented job. I just want to be somewhere by myself and left alone to do my work in peace and quiet.