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Hello Consumers

First of all i must inform you.
As an employee of 5 years at a Canadian Tire Serivce Centre after 3 years private shop.
That it doesn't matter where you get your car serviced, you are dealing with the same people.
I have worked with people who now work at dealerships, BMW, GM, Chrysler. All of which are
ex employees of Canadian Tire. As a shop employee I must make one thing clear, At our shop we
are not criminals/bandits/crooks. It is simple business. I will explain

customer comes in complains of front end noise.
diagnose vehicle, bearing on LF is toast.
Also notice front friction material is low.
Small coolant leak.

call out customer to their vehicle.
Tech: hello Ms./Sir, how are you?
Owner: Well i was good until the car acted up! ( I wish customers came to visit the shop when they were happy)
Tech: Well i have found the major fault, it is this bearing on the LF, see how there is play. this is not supposed to move. So it will need to be replaced at a cost of roughly $500.
Owner: Oh my God, how can that be?
Tech: well it is natural for a vehicle with over 150 000 km to have components begin to fail, this bearing is a major concern however, i did see the brakes on the front are low and will soon need to be replaced. Also did you notice any leaks on your driveway/in garage?
Owner: Of course you found more, you people are like vultures
Tech: there is no need for that talk, i was simply letting you know where you vehicle is at maintenance wise.
Owner: i understand sorry. So what do i need to do all of this work?
Tech: No, not at all, the bearing is the most important. whereas the brakes will last another month or so. The coolant leak is minor, we can take care of that in the future.
Owner: Sounds good, Lets do the bearing and can we do the other stuff later.
Tech: of course, save some money up as you know your vehicle will be needing some repair in the future (duh)
Owner: Thanks for your help and honesty.
Tech:No problem at all.

You see, if the shop you are going to, would treat the customers as i do, i am sure the outlook would be totally diffrent. However, I find it terribly ignorant to assume that all technicians working at Canadian tire are bad, or criminal. Like any industry, the only way to make a living is by being fair and providing honest service. Why screw the customer one day, when i can have you return to me for service for years. This comes with the added benefit of me knowing your vehicle inside out.

It is forums like this with people stereotyping, which make me wish i were a doctor, people don't yell at their doctor when something breaks. Imagine if the consumer and the tradesmen could simply communicate, you'd be surprised what can happen.

TIP: if you can eliminate the manager from the equation and speak directly to the technician working on your vehicle you will be surprised how helpful they can be. We are people too, we pay bills just like anyone, and generally speaking we all know how to move the labor around and parts around to save the customer some money.
Yelling at the individual fixing your car will get you know where. You definately want him/her on your side.


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what you said is greatly true for all industries: some peoples trying to make much money for a 1 shot and some trying to make money with peoples being someway happy to comming back...

The problem is because usual peoples don't know enough about their car and feel they get fooled everytimes they have to spend money...When you take time to show them what is wrong, you get their respect. Evreryones should do that but managers will say it takes too much times and times is money....

Some mechanics have a lower salary and commission on parts quantity they sell so the result will probably be to changes parts being still very good...I won't say any names here but when it's not the technician it may be the guy at the counter*dealing with the customer etc....

on the other hand their is 2 different kind of drivers, some willing to have their car perfect and safe and some others that want's minimum to be able to go back home taking a "loto-life" chance...

a good exemple is when changing brakes....some pay cheap pads and have the rotors machinned...after a while they doesn't feel the car stopping good and may say they get fooled or go backs for warranty...and the same person may say to another ones that it is too exepensive to pay a 500-1000$ job for 4 corners brakes with good parts and new disc with full service.....

You usually gets what you pay for so exepecting a 25 years good quality from a cheap low cost hardware is kind of a non sense to me...

When someone buy the lowest cost battery with a 2 year warranty and expect to get a 10 years of lifetime when just beside their is another battery that cost double with a 9 years warranty....Somes are stupid or it is just my point of view?