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I rate this store as SUCK-tactular. It's very difficult to find a customer service person on the floor and when you do, they either aren't from that area or are only "covering it" because the normal person is away.

More often than not, we leave the store empty-handed because we can't find someone who can answer a simple question. Even when you ask to have someone sent to a specific area, they quite frequently don't ever show up (or at least don't show up within the 10-15 minutes maximum we've waited before giving up and leaving).

Just recently, my wife and I found a ceiling fan we liked on display but couldn't find one on the shelves. We both went off in different directions to try to find someone who could help. After about 5 minutes of searching, I could not find a Canadian Tire representative, but my wife found someone from a different area who had somebody paged to meet us in the lighting department. We waited about 10 minutes, before giving up and leaving the store.

When I got home I called the store and managed to speak with somone, who informed me that the ceiling fan we wanted had been discontinued, but they hadn't removed the display yet. However, they did tell me I could purchase the display model once it was removed. She checked her "list" and nobody had spoken for the display yet, so she took my name, number and said I should here from them within 2 - 3 weeks.

2 1/2 weeks later, I went back to the store to ask when the display would be taken down, and it was gone. It had been taken down and obviously sold to someone else... and nobody bothered to call me. It turns out their "list" is a bunch of scraps of paper clipped together on a clip board, so its most likely that my request got dropped or lost.

To make matters worse, all of the other Canadian Tires in the area were all sold out an had sold their display models as well. So now, we don't have the ceiling fan we wanted, and will likely never get it (since the product has been discontinued).

Thanks, Canadian Tire, once again for giving SUCK-tacular service to your once-loyal customers.