Garden City/McPhillips location-They must be the worst customer service people from Canadian Tire Stores here in Winnipeg. I always have horrible experience from that store. I guess the owner likes his management team that way. One time hardware manager threaten to harm us and managers are just laughing at us. Canadian Tire head Office just let it go as we all know that stores are independently owned. Another terrible experience was when I bought a product that was different in pricing from the shelf and the till.
Cashier won't void it and made me walk all the way to the front of the store to deal with rude customer service people. I just bought it 2 minutes ago and haven't left the store but when I insist I wanted my money back they rudely ask for my ID phone number etc. Their policy is to prevent fraud that's why they ask for ID but I just bought it and want to return it right away without even leaving the store. They are trying to treat me like a criminal.They made me wait even though there were lots of them just fooling around with construction workers. I asked if they can help me out but said they are busy. Busy? flirting with boys. I even reported to the head office but no result. Check out the pics....feel free to spread the word and pics....

Canadian Tire Garden City should be closed down.......


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