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I've noticed a pattern, here.

When customers go out of their way to provide answers to the Crappy People's frequent questions, the Crappy People are never happy with the answer!

Instead, they use it as an excuse to accuse the customers of being "liars".

Very strange!

It's also the way they 'reward' customers who point out their many short-coming: they go on the attack.

Must not be much fun, shopping at one of their crappy stores ...


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Let's see if the Crappy People, especially Angry/CTMe/LawGuy/Owner (ACLO), can be more appreciative of customers' efforts to do their research for them!

Because over in the Jobmate thread, ACLO asked:

"Just wondering what the defect rates of JobMate drills, saws, sanders etc... is? How does those defect rates compare to MasterCraft? DeWalt? Makita? Hitachi?"

(See https://www.canadiantiresucks.net/poor-canadian-tire-specific-brands/80-jobmate-14.html#post6877)

Let's help 'em out, eh? After all, we've seen what a pathetic job they do of research. Like the useless links on battery warranties, return policies at their competitors, references to out-dates consumer laws, etc. etc.

But isn't that a strange question for someone to ask, if they claim to be both an "Owner" and a "Consumer Law Expert"?

You'd almost think they were hinting at something.

Such as, consumers are too clueless to form their own opinions about the design, quality, durability and advertised features of power tools sold at the local hardware store!

And, that consumers have to rely solely on statistical rejection rates, before they form an opinion on power tool brands!

Nah, that can't be what they mean!

Well, then, they must be genuinely sincere, right?

So, as a starter, they can check this out. Consumers on Red Flag Deals, Canadians posted their opinions. One weird guy really liked Jobmate, but the consenus was .... Jobmate Sucks!

Table saw vs Miter saw: which to buy? - RedFlagDeals.com Forums

That should get the ball rolling .... let's see if consumers can do ACLO job for them, and find those defect rates for them!

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Appreciative? Yes I come here to reward and acknowledge haters of my company LOL Are you for real?

So the answer to your question is yes, I do think it's intelligent to rely on statistics to make informed decisions. Why? Because statistical analysis gives the widest picture, and does not consider personal stories or accounts. Math is not an opinion or a guess, it's the truth.

If 10 people on a "complaint" board complain, that's a cross section of 10. The rate of failure looks high.
Now if I were to KNOW, factually, that across Canada 15000 of an item, JobMate in this case, were sold, and 175 came back with defects, now I have an accurate picture of what's ReALLY going on, and not just that "my neighbour had a dud" and my brother in law dropped his and now it doesn't work right.
Not sure which method you prefer, but I know which method I prefer to trust.

YOu can and should form your opinions about everything you buy based on your perception of quality, warranty, durability etc.... absolutely, provided your perception has some merits in reality. Hating Canadian Tire and everything about us likely won't give you an accurate picture of anything that could be bought. Just saying...your judgement is clouded.


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Turns out Angry/CTMe/Liar/Guy/Ower was just going to be sarcastic and unappreciative, after all.

Didn't see THAT one coming, LOL!

Good thing nobody took the time to research Angry/CTMe/Liar/Guy/Ower's request for defect rates!

Tsk, tsk, ACLO! Such shameful behaviour!

Good to know that we can now add 'statistician' to the ACLO's resume of "owner" and "legal expert", LOL!

By the way, when consumers are making purchase decisions, it's important to know the backgrounds and motivations of the people who provide "statistics" (as in 'there are lies, damn lies, and then there are statistics') and other advice.

See this popular thread for a taste of what ACLO dishes up: https://www.canadiantiresucks.net/g...y-do-ct-defenders-post-so-many-lies-here.html

And an important part of any buying decision has got to be personal recommendations and reviews from fellow consumers, especially from people who know their tool.

Like these selfless individuals, who's only gain is in knowing they've prevented a fellow consumer from making the mistake of buying Jobmate:

Table saw vs Miter saw: which to buy? - RedFlagDeals.com Forums

So the answer to your question is yes, I do think it's intelligent to rely on statistics to make informed decisions.

Typical ACLO lie - no such questions was asked.

But it doesn't stop them from spouting off a long-winded, uninformed opinion, now does it? LMAO!

Math is not an opinion or a guess, it's the truth.

"Lies, damn lies ...." you get the picture!