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Kevin C.: Had a leak in my oil pan which was the gasket. Had the gasket replaced but the technician didn't replace all the bolts. Got a few kms away before I noticed seething wrong. Called a tow and went to another station where I was told there were bolts missing. CT technician told me they were missing originally. So why the F weren't new ones put in if they were missing. Bullshit excuses!


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Barb B.: I know a lady who took her car to Canadian tire for a water pump. They did a great job until she got half way up the 401 and blew her motor there was no water in it.


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Kenith L.: Too many of bad experience , don't let them touch your car at all , end up will pay more to fix .......


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Genevieve L.: Thanks but no thanks my husband had an horrible experience there and out of the dozen people I know who took their cars there none ever return as noone ever had a positive experience so ill keep going elsehwere!


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Nicholas F.: wow youre customer service is probably busier than all youre shops put together lol if i had that many complaints and complete screwups in my company i would work on a few things. youre a disgrace to the trade, i fix youre mistakes and neglect to vehicles daily.


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I love reading these complaints, but some guy named Christopher thinks that CT's FB page should not be use for complaints. But here's what this customer thinks:

Dustin D.: And Christopher I called customer service and they refused to do anything about it. So this seemed like a nice venue.


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Dave K.: Why should a customer have to go the extra step of contacting customer service after the fact?
Canadian Tire, why not train your employees to resolve issues to
Instead of training them to dig deep into customers pockets at every given chance.


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Dave K.: They were reading these comments yesterday and trying damage control to the few customers that hadn't completely given up on the service.
Not so much today.


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Bobbie-Joanne A.: Hmmmmm Canadian Tire...Meee thinks you have a lot of problems here..This is sad to hear all this negative feedback from customers..*smh* Can anyone tell me if their matter was handled when Canadian Tire asked y'all to contact their email that they provided? Just curious is all...This isn't the first list of posts from ppl saying crappy stuff about them that i have seen.

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It seems to me that the poor service at so many of the Crappy Auto (Dis)Service centers, is a type of "Prisoner's Dilemma" situation (as in standard Game Theory).

When there is a limited but shared resource, it is in the common good of all those stakeholders to preserve the overall value of that resource, and thus their share of it. But if individuals are able to 'cash in' a part of that resource for their own immediate, short-term gain, it can be tempting for the individual to sell out, and leave their peers holding the bag.

(Common examples are plea bargains only offered to the first part to squeal on the others, or a tribe who has control of a valuable herd or other collective asset. So, too, with the reputation of the CT brand, especially when it comes to automotive service.)

The Crappy Dealers could all choose to work towards the common goal, of maintaining the brand and reputation of the Crappy Tire name, for their own common good.

But if 1 dealer (maybe a Moaner 1?) decides to exploit that reputation, by ripping people off, they can do so without significantly undermining the overall reputation of the brand as a whole. In effect, they are 'selling off' the overall Brand's reputation, for their own personal, short-term gain.

The people who stand the most to lose in the short term are their own peers, who might well have been protecting the brand, through fair dealings and competent service. As the reputation of the overall CT service drops in the public's eye, they would gradually lose customers and profit, as news of shoddy service spreads. The (hypothetical) 'good' dealers would be getting screwed over by the (very real) bad ones.

In fact, those dealers who choose to give up personal gains by being honest and responsible would in effect be subsidizing the bad ones.

At some point, even a (hypothetical) 'good' dealer would be tempted to start 'cashing in', and screw over customers, too, to get in on the action, and grab some of the benefits, before the reputation is destroyed entirely.

I will leave it up to the reader to decide for themselves where, exactly, the CT Brand currently sits in the downward spiral of suckiness in automotive service, and rate the Dealers they may have come in contact with.

But one thing is sure, based on the sheer number of complaints we see each time CT runs one of their "Free Tow" offers:

Thie downward spiral continues at the Red Triangle of Crap (Dis)Service Centers.
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Well, the fall-out from Canadian Tire's ill-advised spamming of Canadians with an offer of a free tow, has once again sparked a huge back-lash of "Their Auto Service Sucks" messages from our fellow Canadian consumers.

There were so many complaints posted on this thread, that I decided to sort them into several groupings.

(This is reminiscent of the terrible response to a spam about bicycles, earlier this year. But the reaction has been far more of an out-cry, I assume due to the higher dollar amounts involved, and the natural expectation that they would hire competent mechanics to work on Canadian vehicle. Not a safe assumption, as we all know by now!)

There are many specific horror-stories, which I'll begin posting first.

There are also some specific comments about tires, oil changes, and so on. These will be posted to the appropriate "Canadian Tire Sucks At ..." threads.

Then there are some general comments about the (Dis)Service Centers.

Interestingly, there were quite a few, "Gee, I didn't realize how much CT sucks - shouldn't they do something?" type posts.

I'll begin shortly!


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Here are the first few horror-stories:

Bryan J.S.: Canadian tire blows!!! My car went in for a simple fix. Came out falling apart. They couldn't pay me to tow my car.

Tanara M.: My mom went in with a simple heat problem a few years ago. She was told it would cost thousands to fix, and she told them she'd go elsewhere for a second opinion. When her car came out of their garage that day, her automatic start (which was a top of the line device that worked perfect prior to her visit,) all of a sudden was inoperable. The keyless entry mysteriously stopped working too. Coincidence? You be the judge.

Stefane P.: My fiancées trucks brakes seized in the back and he got to Canadian tire, they said they would get to it ASAP so he waited in the truck. They called him an hour later said they brought it in and needed to replace the axle and when he said oh really how'd you do that when I'm sitting in the truck the guy hung up on him! He went in an demanded his keys they tried to charge him 150 for labour! This was the MANAGER he talked to. The guy was extremely rude and go caught in a lie and still wouldn't give him his keys. Will always bash Canadian tire. Every store is crap for auto services it's like they are trained to rip people off.

Mike Y.: my wife had her exhaust replaced, and they used the wrong part which didn't even fit properly under the car.

Jacques D.: they were pushy and tried to sell me unwarranted repairs. I needed a lamp fixed and they told me they'd have to replace the main electrical board for over a thousand $. Besides they were unpleasant. I got it done somewhere else for $25.That store is the Northland mall (NW). As it was not an isolated case they should fire the auto centre manager or have him take some management courses. Me and friends will never go back

Albert F.: After two bad experiences at Canadian Tire at White Oaks and the Horton st In London Ontario I do no recommend seeking their service.

White O.: tech broke air pressure monitoring sensor and they made us pay for the part " these things happen" according to the service writer

Horton S.: came to pick up vehicle noticed top bolt on macpherson strut was loose .. You could see half an inch of threads, this after they broke my control arm to replace the wheel bearing .. Over a $1000 repair. Service manager was not helpful at all, not compassionate at all about the situation and just simply unpleasant to deal with.
I have worked as a GM technician so I have credentials, Canadian tire service would defiantly not be my first choice and Canadian Tire on Horton street in London Ont would be my last!

Ollie M.: They DELETED my comment about a TRUE STORY - What's wrong don't want somebody telling the TRUTH about your absolutely horrible auto service.. Just read the comments I have only come across 1 positive remark and I bet it's a CT employee!

Michelle H.: They charged me 104.00 to put my car in their garage from the parking lot boooooo CT

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Facebook responses from our fellow Canadian Consumers, to Crappy Tire's offer of a free tow (and the implied use of their mechanics/apprentices/technicians to try fixing our vehicles:

Dene M.U.: My neighbour had her car there for a week..they never fixed it cause they couldnt find the part and still charged her $85!

James L.: Thanks for the offer CT, but I've been here before.
I was so frustrated after my most recent experience with your company that I asked for a manager. After a short conversation I was advised I would have been better off if I had visited my vehicle manufacturer first as they were better equipped to resolve my issue.

Isa A.: Wow my simple brake job just became a huge deal....couple of hundred bucks to 1000 bucks....and I just had the wheel bearing done mid may and they said nothing about it...now the brakes damaged the cylinder and theyre screwed too awesome

James F.: Had my lights rewired a few months back. As I was driving home, all my signal lights failed. When I took it back the next day the mechanic looked at me and said "Oh I didn't bother testing anything." Glad he wasn't fixing my brakes. Never gone back since.

Heather B.C.: the alternator, that was over 10 years ago and of course I can't prove anything...but the trust is gone. I had to have my car towed so I had it towed a couple of years later (different car) to the nearest service centre ...which was a Candian Tire ...while I was waiting for an update on what was wrong with my vehicle I talked to another fellow who was waiting for his wife's car. He had brought it in for an oil change and tire rotation...they had stripped and broken some things in the process...now he had to pay for them to be replaced. The quote I got was completely wrong and for the wrong condition...I paid them for the analysis and then paid to have it towed to another privately owned shop.

James L.: I've been misquoted too many times by this company. They'll quote low but charge you higher. (my mazda with cooling issues, my sunfire needing new tire rod ends, and my g5 that needed new struts) Strongly suggest that anyone considering Canadian tire look elsewhere. They don't care about the customer.

Richard P.: My buddy took his car there with a squealing noise coming from the crankcase. CT told him he needs an oil pump and crank bearings. He called me I changed his plugged PCV valve and fixed the problem.

Matthew T.: Went in to have brakes checked. 2 hours later I get my truck back. Drive out of parking lot NO brakes. Went back, they took it back in, after an hour haven't heard a thing. Went looking to talk to someone, everyone left. Store manger finally came down, he went looking for service manager. Whole lot of cursing. They then tell me I need a new master cylinder and booster as when they bleed my breaks the plunger went through the seal? All they did was an inspection no work. Come to find out they broke a line and fixed it. NEVER told me. When I confronted them they got rude, cursing telling at me. So I told them what I thought. They asked me to leave 1600.00 dollars later it was fixed by another garage. The killer CT just put all new breaks on the truck 3 months earlier. Back breaks even though I paid to have it all changed never were done. Will never ever go to a CT store again. As core calling mg customer service...one word Joke.

Paula P.: Wow, that would have come in handy the time my car broke down on the highway immediately following a repair at Canadian Tire. Had to pay for the same repair twice! But now I have a lovely story about breaking down on the highway while pregnant...

Dianne N.J.: Ya, it gets better, so, after my 3000 bill and less than 500 km's on my truck since it's been there, and paying for a coolant flush, my rad is full of stuff! Hmm incompetency at it finest! Thanks ct for wrecking my long weekend!
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We interrupt the deluge of long-weekend-free-tow responses, for this new report of crappy auto service:

Kevin L.: my sister needed tires so naturally I would go to the CT store near us which is Canadian Tire Bolton Ontario. they were the best price and Motomaster tires are as good as other brands. my sisters car has security lugnuts, no big deal except their mechanic was lazy and broke the security key for the lugnuts off using an impact gun instead of loosening off with a johnson bar first. then proceed to give a bulstory about how the security key was already damaged and that it would cost a $100 on top of the tires to get the lugnuts off because the mechanics had to buy their own tools and that particular tool was $900. now I used to do this job and the counter persons job and let me tell you a tool that expensive is supplied by the shop and I would like to see this $900 tool which doesn't exist. anyway we went to Fred's Tire in Orangeville. we bought the tires there. about $25 more in price. they took off all the lugnuts (seeing as the security key was broken now)for nothing. you what Canadian Tire Bolton we 're doing an alignment there as well. oh well so sorry you losers.


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Now back to the regularly schedule tsunami of negative responses to the 'free' tow offer:

Mark E.: Canadian Tire is the last place I would ever get towed to. Their garages are incredibly crooked. I went to get a new battery and they replaced my alternator and "worn out" timing belt. To their surprise I asked to see the old belt, and you could still read the writing stamped on it, it looked so new. I wouldn't pay the huge bill, had them put back all the old parts and change the battery like I'd asked (after long phone calls with the store owner and head office), and surprise, the car started and ran really well.

Ryan G.: Not taking my car to your mechanics again.. Nothing but trouble, and I got ripped off hardcore.

Kathy R.: I went in for a tune up once when I was younger and to get something fixed on the car. Paid and left only to find that the car still had the same issue. Went in to ask about it and get it fixed and after waiting for 1.5 hours and not getting any help or answers I left. Took it to a garage and they said half the tune up stuff I was charged for had not been done. Filter not changed etc. So I have never been back! No point in replying CT as this was 20 years ago and that car is long gone now. I still hear similar stories from others so have never given CT a second try.

Guy P.: Had the misfortune to breakdown close to Canadian tire in Chilliwack BC in my RV. Had it towed to their parking lot overnight. The next day the service person started it to bring it into the service bay.There was one car in the parking lot he hit the car and scraped along the side of my RV. He tried to fix my problem not getting gas and decided it was too complicated (his words not mine). He then disconnected the fuel tank and connected to another tank. I lost a full tank of gas from the disconnected tank as I unwittingly drove away. Canadian Tire you SUCK.

Richard P.: They burned out the interior of my dads car while using torches to cut out rear shocks.

Erica R.: Asked them to find out where the oil on my engine was coming from was told oh you just have too much oil in your engine I said that's the problem I didn't add oil to my engine seems that they charged me hundred dollars to pull the dip stick and then tell me that my transmission was blown no mention of where the oil all over my engine came from. Nothing wrong with transmission turns out I had a blown head gasket and these guys blew me off said the cars is fine my good mechanic immediately over the phone said you have a blown head gasket don't drive it would of been nice to get a free tow then

Kevyn M.C.: I changed my brakes there. Life garantie. They skipped when I break. Made em change twice. Had to pay hourly rate. They still skip. Ain't paying anymore because it will cost me twice the break job. Never going there again for auto care.

Marc B.: Bought my parts,brought my car to ct to install the parts,its a one hr job with proper tools i didn't have,went back 10 hrs later to find out they never even brought the car in the shop.

Marc B.: Done it,given up.why should i be the one to do the contacting when its already been done and nothing was done about it then,I have my own things to deal with without doing someone else's.You read my comment,now lets see what changes

Paula P.: What would you consider the proper forum? I would think that possible customers would like to be informed that they could be ripped off and dealt with in a poor manner. If I had to read comments like these when my car broke down I never would have brought my car to CT. It would have saved me lots of money and stress (my car broke down on the highway while I was pregnant immediately following a repair at CT. They charged me for the tow and to do the same repair AGAIN. They claimed a bit of dirt must have gotten into the part. The dealer said they didn't repair it properly the first time).


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Hugh D.A.F.: Free tow to over charges...hmmmm I am in...dead battery cost me over 700 for alternator and of course you need a new battery. Wow you must think we all are idiots what time it takes to change a battery and an alternator....parts cost inflated, well okay....labour charge.... Come on, they moved on to next vehicle. How many hours do you charge within one hour?????

Laurie L.: Canadian Tire is also known to screw you over. Just picked up my truck from them yesterday. The BS factor involved was beyond comprehension and I already have a letter into customer service. I haven't used CT to fix my truck in 10 years. Yesterdays service reminded me why...

Tammy-Trevor S.: after 2 bad experiences NO way would I get a repair or even a simple oil change there! Some idiot didn't tighten the lug nuts on our car and my hubby could have been killed the tire flew off! I had a tow bill and a repair bill and CT only gave half our money back??? Before that they over charged me like 80$ on a repair, they charged for nuts and washers and crap but it was easy to tell the reused the old ones, my hubby went in and had to get pissy and demand a refund for parts they reused (they nickel and dime everyone that way) plus I had a friend who the guy working had an oil change done and they forgot to put oil in, you can imagine outcome and KIA was pissed as it was a leased car!!! Nice offer CT but fix the issues with your repair shop first and fix the way you handle a bad situation that was YOUR fault, for me to even get half my money back I had to fight for it by going to head office, and for me to get my money back for being charged for using my old nuts and stufg my hubby had to argue with them and prove they were reused! Not cool!!!!!!

Doug M.: wound up having to replace the car I brought in, they screwed up so bad.

Doug M.: to a mechanic who dosen't know a dip stick from a tail pipe, I'll stay on the side of the road,

Linda M.Y.R.: a few years ago I brought my car in for brakes it was a Saturday.....the store was closing at 6pm I was there at 5pm but apparently one of the mechanics took my car for a test drive at 7pm I am standing in the store with the manager and no car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he rolled in at 7:45pm no idea where he had my carin the store with the manager and no car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he rolled in at 7:45pm no idea where he had my car

Donna D.S.: What ever you do , do not believe that crap.When you take a vehicle to C.Tire they don't have a clue how to use the special nut to unlock your tire from the rim , and they call you three time's and you tell them where it is exactly and finally the third time you have to drive into town which is a 25 minute drive to go get it out of the trunk and give it to them.Then they say" oh I must not have seen it" Oh. And what part of stupid are you.How can you tell I was not happy.


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Last of the specific horror-stories:

Jack G.: never ever bring your vehicles there to repair. I did several times and always was a night mare. Once they broke off a piece off my brand new over radiator on my one ton truck and refused to repair it. I told the manager not only will i file a complaint but will sue their asses for horrible treatment. That was the last time i ever went there. never ever again.

Jen R.: I have had 3 terrible experiences with CT auto repair, I will never ever use them again, not even for an oil change!

Anthony T.: tow your broken minivan here so our 1st year apprentice Mechanics can skrew-up your ride even worse than it was when it came in,...guaranteed, you will not be cheering when we ring-up your bill either.

John C.M. and then at Canadian Tire they will tell u..."hey were short staffed cuz of the holiday weekend, cant do it till tuesday.."...been there, done that, took go train back from whitby and went back with truck and trailer..

Melissa B.: Hey Yulia - We bought one very similar to this at CT. Fell apart in 3 years. We splurged and got the one at Costco this year. Much better build!!!


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OK, where was I?

Oh, yeah. I had posted a bunch of specific horror-stories, posted on Crappy Tire's very own Facebook "Fan Page" (LOL!), in response to yet another round of Spam, this time about a 'free tow'.

Now, here's a bunch of the generic "they really suck at auto service" posts (but without a lot of details - mostly it seems because of the long history of problems, which is likely too much for them to get into yet again).

Garrett H.: Manager of shannesy Calgary Canadian tire is a thief.

Lyle S.: Yeah, and they'll screw you over good once they have your car in the shop trying to over sell you everything at ridiculous prices. I'm speaking from experience. I'd never go there again

Robert B.: You are not the only people to have problems with CT ,This goes back many years as there "ie"mechanics are usually first time on the job supervised by One certified ticked mechanic no wonder they screw up CT is no longer about service It's about production and profit ,

Richard P.: wouldn't be caught dead in the auto repair centre. I swear they've got clowns running the one here. I went there twice because I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and I got burned, bad. Never again.

Al G.: Don't take the free tow, you may be sorry. Had to mamy bad experiences with CTC Auto Centres.

Tani P.: I am ok with store ...but Auto service is just a bunch of crooks , the mecanicians just get out of school with zero experience . And they always want to over charge

Jim C.: would NEVER bring my vehicle there lol.Nothing but horror stories i hear

Adam M.: Never met a 'mechanic' at Canadian Tire that I would trust to put air in my tires. Let alone do any real work on my car.

June L.C.: In 1 month I heard 4 horror stories about CT. Just through family n friends. All about bullshit about their vehicles needing this n that done. It's gonna cost this much. I will not recommend anyone to CT.

Ray C.: No such thing as a free lunch. My auto technician son would not apply for a job at CT because of their terrible reputation in the car repair side of the store.

Tammy S.: is this a recording from every response please contact customer service and we;ll be in touch..what a joke....they have said the same thing to every person on here..dont they know how to write anything besides that.wont get any where with you people.soory i have a good guy and hes not a rip off like you guys..you think we all are made of money..better re check your people over that you hire..i dont have issues anymore cauase i dont bring my cars there anymore havent in yrs..so thank you keep your free tow


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OK, another whack:

Tammy S.: i wouldnt take my dog there alone my car..been there there crooks over charge rude..havent been in there in 13 yrs for car stuff.other stuff yes but you aint touching my cars.i agree with everyone else comments.tammy so sorry to hear this.glad your husband didnt get hurt or killed because of there stupidty..

Angie R.W.: We don't go to CT anymore. They fix something and immediately something else is wrong. We go to our dealer, they keep our car humming.

Liz F.: That's nice that Canadian Tire will give free tows but only to Canadian Tire where they can rip you off with repairs. Never had much luck with them knowing what they're doing & costing a small fortune.
Nice PR though for those who fall for it

Cory D.: sorry but I will not let Canadian Tire touch my SUV for anything...all they do is try and rip me off...and the funny thing is that they know I am not just some person that don't know anything about cars and they still tried to RIP ME OFF...I will shop there But I will not let them touch my SUV...

Rob B.: I think you need to take your service advisors off commission and pay them only by the hour. They are making you lose customers...all the comments above are proof of

Donna D.S.: You kidding me right ,there absolutely nothing that could make up for the crap that I have gone through and this is not the only time .

Robert B.: the tow maybe free but wait until you see the bill Canadian tire is a rip off shop ...

Samwise M.: And then, our underpaid techs will lie to you about the service your car needs, and overcharge you!
Go to a real shop folks.

Danny O.: Leave with your car in worse shape and a empty wallet

Chuck S.: Yeah, and come out with a whopping bill for a lot of their stupidity & sub-standard parts that you did not need. They screw you over every time.

Kenith L.: Too many of bad experience , don't let them touch your car at all , end up will pay more to fix .......

Genevieve L.: Thanks but no thanks my husband had an horrible experience there and out of the dozen people I know who took their cars there none ever return as noone ever had a positive experience so ill keep going elsehwere!

Dave K.: Thanks but no thanks. the auto service side should be disbanded.

Joe M.: While it seemed like a good plan at the time and nice gesture/promotional event, the Corporate folks at Canadian Tire are likely very sorry about offering this service now given the overwhelming negative feedback from numerous clients. I have no problems buying things from the CTC retail Stores however ...years ago, I too learned my own lesson about having my car repaired at a CTC auto centre. I haven't had my car repaired there again since and given the amount of horror stories already shared here, I really don't feel the need to share mine. If anything good comes from this offer from our friends at CTC, I sure hope a very strong message from all this makes it's way to President Stephen Wetmore and his team so that the necessary fixes begin. HONESTY, and RESPECT shown to every customer, and managers and mechanics who never take advantage of customers are what is needed if Canadian Tire cares to remain in the car repair business I think. Truthfully, I enjoy shopping at Canadian Tire stores and really hope they are able to fix the huge and very obvious shortcomings in the Auto Service area of each independent franchise.
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