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December 1, 2014;

Was told by a Ford dealership after they had done my winter tuneup and tire change that my less than a year old battery from Canadian Tire was weak. Since it was less than a year old I thought Canadian Tire (in Caledonia, Ontario) would replace it. Canadian Tire agreed that it was weak but said I would have to remove it from my car and bring it in so they could recharge it. When I pointed out that it was less than a year old they said that since it could be recharged that would be all they would do. I told them by the time I hired someone to remove the battery, (I know nothing mechanical) take it there and then replace it, I might as well buy a new battery since there were no guarantees that the charge would last. They countered that there was nothing they could do.

It is very clear that Canadian Tire does not stand behind their products and will make things as difficult as possible for you so that they don't have to deal with the garbage they sell. I will never, ever go back to Caledonia Canadian Tire or any other Canadian Tire for any kind of mechanical work again. I am absolutely appalled at their customer service. BTW, it took them an hour to test the battery. Unbelievable. I've been duped for the last time by this unprofessional and underhanded company.


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Another battery spam by Crappy:

Janet W.: They are garbage ......

George T.: toughest test at Canadian Tire.........returning a broken item!

Brian W.: Ya sure the mechanic didn't hook it up backwards??? Probably only took, what, 5-6 hours with an appointment while you waited?#canadiantireservicesucks


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Kelly G.: Craby tire return policy Sucks. I bought a battery from them lost my reciept and they wouldn't even exchange the battery. Which I only had for a few month. They don't care about there costumers will never buy anything that has a warrenty from them..

Tyler K.: These are the limits CDN tire will go through to save and refurbish a motomaster battery

James D.: Thief's they say one thing when your buying it . Then when it craps out they don't stand by what they told so you would but it.

Jonathan G.: I had one and they never Honored their warranty

Mylene I.M.: Garbage

Larry d.C.: Ford batteries are the best,9 years old and still going strong.

Keith T.: LOL mine was under a year and couldn't start my vehicle in -10c weather. Tried to get warranty and they said it was still within an acceptable range. They told me it leaking acid is normal...LOL ya I am pretty sure environment Canada agrees with that also. Took to local shop where he ran same tests and said it was in spec, but the. He load tested it an it failed. So I bought a battery from him and it starts vehicle at -26c without being plugged and sitting for 48 hrs. Thanks for great service canadian tire!

Carl P.: They repair one part and destroy another part . I stop going to Canadian tire garage and my car problems stop ! Lol

Eli C.: They are garbage. 6 months mine lasted before leaving me stranded.

Teresa G.T.: I agree I won't buy at Canadian tire because returns are virtually impossible without full.out war. Plus their match price program is a joke always a reason why they can't match. I hate Canadian tire customer service


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Every winter, the marketing geniuses at Crappy Tire actually shell out good money, to get facebook to spam people about their crappy batteries.

And every winter, they end up paying to have the Canadians post horror-stories just like this:

Willy W: Canadian Tire batteries are absolute ca ca.

Darlana G.: We've had nothing but problems from thier batteries. We either get ours from WalMart or a local store - Matichuk Equipment

Sheldon B.: Have owned way too many of these pieces of c...p exchange after exchange after exchange constantly dead needing a boost just took one to the scrap yard the other day less than a year old still have the warranty form but I'm done with these I will never buy another battery from Canadian tire and would strongly recommend no one else ever does either

Stan Q.: Wow It still won't start my car in the cold

Alan L.: The last 3 batteries I bought from Cdn Tire failed after between 12 and 18 months. Even the warranty only applies to the original battery. Never again.

Robert P.: ... the auto service stinks ... stay very far from their service shops.
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Joel L.: Got mined replaced....i asked why did it crap out so soon....and the desk clerk said I was lucky for how long it did last....he said most don't make a year....I told him never again will I buy a motormaster. ...

Joel L.: Oh and my eliminator was also leaking all over the place....have acid everywhere in the engine compartment. ..
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So, for some self-destructive reason, Crappy decided to spend even more money, less than a week later, and spam more Canadians with their ridiculous battery claims.

And, Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! They got a butt-load of complaints again! LMAO!

So, for the first time ever, I've decide to,just post ALL the comments in the thread. I will leave it as an exercise for the reader, to see if any are 'positive'. (See what i did?)

Positively Hilarious!!!

Ward B.: Why didn't they install it ? Why jump start , maybe because they didn't want us to see the other installed battery . Seriously. Do they think we're that stupid!!
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Anthony K.: Worst battery's on the market.
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Sauli I.: Is it me or when you kick in the starter your headlights go off and come back after engine started...and... How about cold battery and cold diesel engine??
Like · Reply · Yesterday at 6:24am

Travis H.: Idiots freeze the motor and battery then see if it starts
Like · Reply · Yesterday at 6:07am

Brian D. sure ,with a nice toasty engine
Like · Reply · Yesterday at 5:17am

Ken W C.: Yes...they sell you a battery wuth warranty,and there batteries freeze up and they dont honor there warranty...it states right on your warranty papers.Spend over 200$on a battery that freezes solid then get nothing in return...well canadian tire just lost a costomer. ..not too impressed.
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John C.: freeze the whole truck and we will see
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Devin K.B.V.: - look at this can tire lighting... I think ours is better yet
Like · Reply · 1 · Yesterday at 12:20am

Jean-Philippe G.: The truck is not frozen. It makes a difference too
Like · Reply · January 5 at 10:53pm

Ron T.: My experience with Canadian tire is customer verses Canadian tire,Canadian tire wins
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Daniel F. J.:Jesse P.
Like · Reply · January 5 at 11:06am

Mackenzie H.: Very true, the engine should also be cold. Not to mention I had a eliminator then they were discontinued so now I don't have one when they warrantied it. Feel ripped off now that they're back.
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Cory G.: nothing else was -70
Like · Reply · January 4 at 6:06pm

Talvinder S.: These guys have bad customer service....
Canadian tire sucks
Like · Reply · January 4 at 5:25pm

Charles R.N.: Its a gel battery not acid based like 95% of batteries put there that is why it can start. Do that to an conventional auto battery and it could explode if you try to start it
Like · Reply · January 4 at 4:46pm

Dylan L.: If you want a good battery for the winter, go with Northstar! Best batteries!
Like · Reply · January 4 at 2:43pm

Ed R.: Ya that's a real joke the elimantors are cheap and there quality reflects the price don't recommend them at all
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Vinayak Pai It's one of the most bad batteries available there in the market they r just trying to mislead people with this ad I tried this battery on my car and had to change it within a year
Like · Reply · January 4 at 10:30am

Joe M.: good thing the engine wasn't also at -70 because then even your coolant would be frozen which is only rated for about -45. not to mention the oil would be thick as molasses. on top of that if your battery discharges no matter how low temp its rated for it will freeze at 0 just like water. the freezing point of your battery is rated at a full charge.
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Brad L.: I totally disagree with video even if it did start you would never get warranty for this. As I was told if your battery freezes it's considered neglect and it's not covered under warranty. As my truck battery died over night and would not be covered under the warranty. Even though it was working the day before, no problems starting or anything. But the next day when it would start and it was only -35 out they would not cover warranty. Was told I should have taken battery out at night and charged it.
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George E.: I had one of these batteries and guess what it froze solid. After spending a whole lot more money on it, I tried to take it back and they wouldn't give me warranty on it so it was the worst waste of money ever. Go find a reputable brand agm battery and I hope you don't experience the same problem as me.
Like · Reply · 1 · January 3 at 12:33pm

Robert Mitchell AGM construction for the win even if ur in crazy climates and they freeze just bring them inside to warm up n your good to go. They just wont work instead of breaking like lead acid. That goes for all brands
Like · Reply · January 3 at 10:24am

Robert M.: Smoke and mirrors. Not saying there batteries are no good just a useless test. That battery shoulda had no problem starting your car in -20 omar. They are showing the average $270 to $320 battery people might not realize though lol. I put a set of marine batteries of same construction and brand in my 1997 F350 dually truck. They were awsome. In -20 with no block heater truck started cranking slow n got faster n faster till it fired lol
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Dominique B.: C'est pas a cause de la batterie qui pars c'est pcq c'est un Ford F150.
See Translation
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Omar Alaeddine It doesn't work I put one in my car and 2 days of minus 18-20 and it was dead... This a couple months ago too...
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GurAsis S.: Stupid.... Freeze the engine not the battery... Than we ll see...
Like · Reply · 5 · January 3 at 6:46am

Clement C.: they should do the same thing but with the truck outside at -45 unpluged ... I seriously doubt the truck would start .... Whom ever did this does he or she think people are stupid or what of course the truck started its been sitting in a hot garage ...
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Rik P.: At -70 Celsius his exposed skin would have frozen instantly
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Oh, and responses are still trickling in (see what I did?) to the other post. But, hey, it was only 5 days ago!

Ginette P.V.: Nothing good to say about this battery. Great timing for this post, one more time this morning, hubby's truck didn't start for the second day in a row. This is a replacement battery we have only had for a month as the other NEW one (less than a year old) was already dead. So frustrating... would never recommend a Canadian Tire battery again... waste of time and money and a huge frustration over and over again when truck doesn't start.

Marcio C.: Big freaken deal optima batteries were first with the AGM and the quality is amazing, you can by them at Walmart (nickname red top battery). Or if you can afford the extra cash get a Northstar AGM battery. I have had both and they are the Best. And I've had my fair share of batteries from Canadian tire and I got nothing good to say.

James M.: Um no. You buy an eliminator then you may as well burn your money! Their batteries are relabelled seconds!

Roberto C.: Had a battery replaced about a year ago completely frozen and they did not honor it wasn't even one-year-old would not go back even if you pay me

Norman A.N.: Well, the batteries are changing so they are doing a big campaign to say how great their crap is. They've dropped exide for East Penn and should be rolling out with that pretty quick. Although I do think it's funny, I run a battery shop, we have a dozen Canadian tire stores in proximity to us, and they send customers to us all the time

Jack S.: I've had poor experience with there batteries
They honour the warranty if you have the reciept
Been through 4 Batts on my prelude
Will not continue with there battery lineup sticking to deep cycle red tops or yellow tops

Krystal M.: Are any of the tests about longevity under normal circumstances? I don't think that a test about "how well a table saw can go through a lead acid battery" is really testing the awesomeness of the battery. Plus, it's advisable to wear some serious PPE if you are going to do such a test.

Chris H.: LIES

Shoab S.: I had similar experience. I went through the same don't care response/attitude from CT so called CS dept. Good way to turn away the customers.


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Hey, whatever turns your crank (see what I did?).

But here's what gets Chris fired up (see?).

Chris H.: Im sure they were but I've been in this business all my life and would never purchase motomaster parts if given an option..... I like to think the task world every day that I deal with is a more accurate gauge when it comes to quality parts and accessories.

Chris H.: Not to mention the vehicle in the video was not shown... Just sparks from the posts....I make sparks taking my jacket off.


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This one just about sums it up:

Prashant R.: Why does Canadian Tire spend their time and money to make these videos?? To be welcomed by negative comments. I have not bought a battery yet but I'm afraid to spend my hard earned money for something that has such had reviews!!

CT Challenger

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Amazing hostage marketing geniuses at Crappy Tire continue to waste money on demonstrations with dubious merit, and which simply highlight the abysmal quality, service and warranties of this obviously poor product line.

Thank You, Canadian Tire, for wasting your revenue on ad's that inspires Canadians to pan your Crappy products!
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Amazing hostage marketing geniuses at Crappy Tire continue to waste money on demonstrations with dubious merit, and which simply highlight the abysmal quality, service and warranties of this obviously poor product line.

Thank You, Canadian Tire, for wasting your revenue on ad's that inspires Canadians to pan your Crappy products!

don't let the results door hit you on the behind on the way out…..or the buy rating on it's stock from virtually every brokerage house.


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Amazing hostage marketing geniuses at Crappy Tire continue to waste money on demonstrations with dubious merit, and which simply highlight the abysmal quality, service and warranties of this obviously poor product line.

Thank You, Canadian Tire, for wasting your revenue on ad's that inspires Canadians to pan your Crappy products!

don't let the results door hit you on the behind on the way out…..or the buy rating on it's stock from virtually every brokerage house.


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RedNeck D.: Yes it will [start], providing your vehicle is plugged in for at least 2-3 hours. Day after day continuous starting in -35 & colder, the "Almighty Eliminator" will fail in a short period of time.


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Gloria M.K.: Batteries from Canadian Tire SUCK!!!!! We've been through two in two years and they don't warranty them!! And we live in -30 weather!!

Marnie S.: Mine didn't last a week

RedNeck D.: My mum went to Can-Tire and had them install a new battery last winter in her Buick. Less than a week later she went shopping and then it wouldn't start. Had the car towed to Vickers where they tested the battery and found it to be faulty. They then replaced it with a new one AC Delco, haven't had a problem since. However, Can-Tire did not seem interested in refunding her money for the faulty battery, except to replace it with another battery. Only after me getting a hold of the service manager and reading him the proverbial riot act did they finally refund her money.


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Frédérick M.: Well i dunno where you live but i encounter more of t'en temperature like -30C in my area than 80C so It's pointless to have advertise temperature like 80C


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Rob C.: As I previously commented.. Freezing and heating a battery does nothing... Deep freeze a vehicle and then install your battery in it and see what happens


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Rayma A.: i purchase a battery with 700 cold cranking amps...guess what canadian tire my car WON;T start this morning...t

Rayma A.: i tried to contact customer service your site won't load for me....i contacted the local canadian tire..woodstock nb. they told me to bring the car in.....not sure if i can lift and carry the car that far..


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Jasmine C.: 2 batteries from Canadian tire have let us down. C. T. Stinks

Pascal T.C.: The engine of that truck is hotter than 80 degrees in the middle of winter after it's been running a while. ... ineffective demonstration


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Prabath B.: Are u serious!!!! This commercial, is now supposed to make you buy this, cus it gets that hot in Canada. Ha!!!