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Boycott #346:

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Sooo close to an out-right Boycott!

Leslie M.B.K.: Been a fan of Canadian Tire for well over 30 years, that is until yesterday. Motomaster Eliminator Battery dies on a car and needs to be replaced less than three years after it was purchased and this car does not have a lot of electrical gadgets in it and we even got an Extended Warranty yet still have to pay an Installation fee? For a 5 minute job?


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Slow night - only a partial:


John K.: Write a comment it says.
Here's my Comment.

You have had a Canadian Tire Store in Campbell River for a good 20 years. I signed up for a Canadian Tire card with the promotion for the new store opening all those years ago, you had a little travel trailer in the parking lost as your business office.

A few years later you move your store to another (new) mall.
Still I patronized your store. I had a young family, and once in a while I would use your card for a cash advance. Yeah I got dinged extra interest but at the time, who was complaining.

Then you upgraded your store card to a MasterCard. Supposedly I was accumulating Canadian Tire "money" on purchases with that card. One day I get a letter telling me I have to do a credit app to renew my Master card. We went back & forth in email, the card expired, and your credit people told me tough. With the card expired I couldn't access my $30.00 in Canadian Tire Money.

You can imagine how much a fan of Canadian Tire that made me.
SO - the odd time I would go in the store, only looking for something I couldn't source elsewhere. Why support the store that so willingly screws you - right?

A while ago, I was approached by a lady claiming to represent Canadian Tire and she was trying to get me to sign up for a credit card. I told her the above story, and she said, ""We're a different company now!" I said: "I'd be happy to have a Canadian Tire Credit Card as soon as Canadian Tire forwards me the $30.00 Canadian Tire money they stole from me. She declined to do so and walked away from me.

Once again, today I was in the store, again looking to see if you had something I couldn't find in the 2 builder supply stores. A young man approached me, told me he was representing Canadian Tire and wanted to sign me up for a credit Card. I told him the above story, he got very uncomfortable and walked away from me - rapidly.

I continue to shop elsewhere and only go to Canadian Tire as a last ditch effort to find something not generally available elsewhere.

With treatment like that - I should start a fan club?


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We can be generous, and only count this as a Single:

#347, from https://www.canadiantiresucks.net/e...g-me-horrible-names-my-new-job.html#post11644

This isn't the first time I've been treated poorly by this company and henceforth My family, friends, associates and I are boycotting this company.

Here are a few more terrible things I had to go through while I was working there. And questions in my mind after being emotionally traumatized by this singling out behaviour and disgusting verbal abuse onslaught by their employees and alike.

1 why was i the only one being followed on facebook in terms of dating relationships, quotes or notes? who was providing information to those who were blocked? why did a manager who was blocked have access when he was blocked from viewing my facebook profile completely?

singling out someone

2 why did the same manager ask a then cashier supervisor to write all negative points on a letter about a single day i worked july 1st 2012 about only negative points-no positive points? unprofessional. discriminatory singled myself out and provided the feedback to their own manager. why was the cashier supervisor's cousin or any other worker not put through the same ordeal? (please note this is the same individual who yelled profanities, ON CAMERA, in a store, she does not work at, WITH WITNESSES who watched her.

bias=does not treat employees equally. made hostile environment for employee.

3. why was a letter provided to be signed that nullifies complaints against the above manager?

favoritism for manager, discrimination against employee

4. why were arrangements so that this individual was in close proximity for quite a long time before finally giving space? physically was intrusive, body space was not respected in the work place.

not dealing with issue properly

5. why did it require 1 hr manager, a store manager and a department manager to talk about 'relationships and dating' on facebook and how it has no relationship whatsover with work performance?

6. why did i have to be pulled aside at least 3 times because of facebook statuses? why do cashier supervisor, or even managers have any business in personal affairs of employees? why do they have any right or do they-have any right to ask personal questions or be nosy and not care about the situation?

intimidation : comments about dating are personal issues, not work performance issues.
human rights violation as well-free of speech.

7. if facebook etc is such an issue, why was there no formal designation or letter outlining policy of facebook prior to 2012. when and does it include 'dating & relationships' to be any business of a corporate company? (none related, I do not use the computer at work) where is the legal documentation that says 'dating & relationship statuses and notes' have any bearing on work performance? does this not express bias against myself?

8 why was my statuses addressed yet another associate's status not equally addressed or waved off? her's was 'telling off customers' which was directly associated with work? (favoritism maybe? discrimination maybe? they won't admit it)

and now 2.5 years later, they still try bully me. Thanks to everyone here who's been super supportive and my friends. again I'm so glad I'm out of there and QUIT because at the end of it, I was traumatized !!! I want them leaving me the hell alone in my personal life. I have moved on and don't need any of them in my new professional work.


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Steve M.: your customer service sucks ... yesterday while looking to buy an alternator and new battery was put on hold for over 15 minutes with no apology ... unreal ... bunch of untrained kids working at the Mapleview store in Barrie. They don't have a clue how to treat potential customers or even how to answer the phone. you should all get fired for your lacks a daisy who cares attitude. I will never shop at your store ever again ... I am going to write a letter to head office compete with audio and video of my trip to Canadian Tire on Mapleview in Barrie. take care ... eh your store is run by monkeys !!!


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(Maybe a two-fer, but not 100% clear.)

Debby D.: Christina I wasted twenty minutes speaking to them professionally another hour on the phone then writing a letter to management how much does one need to do! As I you know how the conversation went and to assume it was us! Seems like there is a lot of people not impressed with CT I believe in karma and statistics you will get your day when you are less than impressed. My husband hasn't steppe foot in one for five years but I get it now!


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Asif A.: Thank you for the response. Unfortunately there are too many incidents for me to speak about. they have lost my business as well as my families due to some inappropriate comments made to me, too embarrassing to mention here. appreciate the response though.


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Kimberley M.: I had a cord replaced on my block heater at a price of $70. I accidentally left it plugged in and drove away. The plug pulled directly out of the block heater. I went back to the Canadian Tire store to see if they would be kind enough to just plug it back for me and they said sure that will cost you $40. I want to say that what part of "Canadian" are you? You people have no concern for your customers or customer service. You are rude and I have spent enough money on your company and will never again spend money.


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Ivana D.N.V.: I had the worst experience at the Tower Hill and Yonge @Canadian Tire store today. I went in to buy an item they had on sale and found it despite being rudely dismissed by one of the staff members. The item was stocked of a shelf that was clearly marked with a sale ticket price of $14.99 and there were at least 3 of them on there after I had removed 2 of them for my own purchase (I took pictures with my phone to prove that this was so). I was informed that yes there were on sale but for $19.99 and not $14.99 and that in the managers words would "absolutely not match the price of the sale ticket" Now I am a fair person and if it had been only one item on the shelf (perhaps a customer put it in the wrong place) then I would have never even to bothered to ask to have them match it. While I was waiting another customer in the store said his wife had the same problem a few days earlier(different item) and they she was told the they would not match the ticked sale price even though their employees clearly mad the error and the manager was rude about it. So I wasn't that shocked the same RUDE and CONDESENDING answer was given to me. Now I know its only $5 but it was the approach from the less than friendly staff handled the situation than the price difference that made me so upset. I know that there are retailers that would have given the customer the item for the mispriced item and some retailers give it to the customer for free. I DID NOT nor would I ask for it for FREE, but I do believe the entire situation could have been handled differently. Perhaps even a more apologetic approach like "Im sorry but it was miss priced, but I can give you 1 of the 2 you wanted at $14.99 and the other at it's proper sale price" In a competitive retail industry, and having worked several years in retail my self I couldn't believe the way I was treated. I WILL NEVER SHOP Canadian Tire again and will tell as many people as I can about the lack of REAL customer service is Canadian Tire at Yonge & Tower Hill. A store that also restocks broken returned items. This last experience with @Canadian Tire, in particular this location was the last time as a customer I was going to accept their lack of customer service. I will take my business elsewhere. Experiences like this is why the "American" Companies that do business in Canada do well. They know how to treat their customers.

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Let's no forget repuda:


My husband worked at Canadian Tire Sarnia for 10 years ..and would never rip you off.
A new manger came aboard and he became stressed out.
Long story short..my husband ended up having a stroke at work and THEY SENT HIM HOME..in his truck.
He worked 6 hrs not being able to get his cars on the hoist. Numbness in his arm, face drooping. He thought
he had Bells Palsy but really if you are acting strange and don't know what your doing, you would hope
someone would call 911. I was at work.. So not knowing left from right my husband drove to his mothers where
she found him hiding??? And you let him drive???
He has some difficulties now and asked to be transferred into sales. NO they didn't.
So this same manger fires him because he made 1 mistake after 10 yrs of honest service. No severance or F all.
May have called in sick a sum of 3 times in 10 yrs.
He refused to up sell and he knows that was a problem and he would take off charges that he knew where not right.
Screw you CT you have literally ruined our lives. If you would have called 911 my husband may not have so many health issues.
I will NEVER go into that store again!!!
Also recently a guy drove a car through the bay doors and someone else dropped a truck off a hoist. And to top that another guy left a torch burning all night .. wtg and you fired MY husband?????????

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There certainly a wide range of reasons given if the many public pronouncements of CT Boycotts, some of them even posted to Crapppy Tire's own Facebook page (ouch!).

Many left forever after being cheated on the hidden Repair Only warranty.

Lots of people get fed up with the consistently poor customer service.

Some even had ties to these horrible companies, and refuse to return as shoppers after being treated poorly by their ex-employers.

Yes, there are as many reasons, as there are boycotters.

And only a fraction of them have been captured here.
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From https://www.canadiantiresucks.net/g...-survive-coming-competition-21.html#post11819


I can tell you for sure that the store in Olds is only surviving due to the fact that there is very little else in this town. They not only do everything possible to screw over their customers but they also treat their employees like dirt and then expect us to break our back for them and be loyal to their store. Being a parent I just had my hours reduced from full time to maybe 9 or 10 hours a week... at minimum wage... and expected to smile and say thank you when they tell me they just don't have any hours to give me... I have been with them for 2 years... and now not only do they not care about their employee that is begging them to give me more work time... they hire a new staff member at $12 an hour and then hire the store managers wife at an astounding $20 an hour. They 'overlooked' me when it was time for me to start receiving benefits and then tried to force me to sign off on them stating I must not want them. I refused to sign off on them but because it had been such a long time I had to complete a whole bunch of extra medical information and hoop jumping to apply... and then I was denied anyway because I was 'too high risk' and must be applying late because of illness. I have been due for an employee evaluation and raise for almost 18 months and have received neither. I asked them how I am supposed to feed my children and I was told I guess I need to get a second job. My manager has made me cry in front of customers on more than one occasion... They change our policies at a moment's notice and laugh at us when the customers are angry... I called for help one time because I had a customer that was on something and had me genuinely fearing for my safety throwing things around and screaming at me and instead of support... I was pulled aside and told that it was unnecessary for me to ask for assistance in this matter... the matter was already handled by one of the other ladies at cash by the time the manager had finished his lunch and decided to come and see what the commotion was. I feel horrible for our customers when they come in with things and are within warranty limits and still forced to send things away for repair... even when you can see obviously that it is not going to be repairable... or when they lose their receipts and stuff is still packaged unopened with the plastic on and they are treated by my manager like the probably stole it or couldn't possible have purchased it at our store... its mastercraft... where else could they have gotten it?... or they lose their receipt and are returned the lowest sale price in the last year... so they get $120 for a $700 item. We have foreign workers... they make $15 an hour to start... and they are picked on and ridiculed by our management... The general manager calls the boys in the warehouse his pets and gave them nicknames to match the names of his animals at home... he also constantly is making fun of our English girl and her accent... They fire anyone who disagrees with their decisions or who tries to make them play by the rules... if you try to push for your rights and make them obey the labor laws.. you get fired... they make schedules so people are left alone with no one to cover their area for a break... and then reprimand you for taking a break... I am pretty sure every last one of us would leave and take jobs we actually care about if there was anywhere else to go... I know we have a woman working there right now who has been with them for 7 years... and she only makes $11 an hour... what the hell is wrong with them?... I hope that it will change there... but I know it will not and as soon as I can get to where I have better options for work and availability seeing as my child is in kindergarten and home most of the time and my husband commutes... I'm out of there... Don't shop there people... it will be the worst mistake you ever make... They don't care about their employees... they care less about their customers.... It's a cesspool of discrimination and unfair treatment... Please don't support them.


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Jackie M.:i would not buy anything from there. when you buy something and you go back four days later to exchange or get money back and they tell you it not under wantety but you spents over 25.oo dollars , and it not the right part why should I pay twice.


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Scott K.: Perhaps you should have spent some of the fortune you spent on self serving commercials to train your employees on customer service as none of the Canadian tire stores I've been in in the past 10 years have any concept, they chat together in aisles and ignore customer questions, if they answer they are terse at best, I will continue to shop elsewhere until that changes...


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Mitch K.: I am not going to send you details. Look me up my name and location should be in your system. Bought the tires in late November early December. Canadian Tire off of Lougheed in Coquitlam near Brunette Ave. My number is in the system. Call me if you want. I will tell all about the horrific experience I had and how I will never ever go again to a Canadian Tire.


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From this thread: https://www.canadiantiresucks.net/new-site/990-government-inspections.html


Is it customary for Canadian Tire to have various employees use customers private cars brought in for government inspections to go for "test drives" that take longer than half an hour and use up a quarter tank of gas even when these employees are not the certified inspectors? While watching various young employees come and go in my own vehicle I was kept waiting over 3 hrs total, during scheduled appointment times estimated to take less than one third this time, having had numerous repairs done on my vehicle somewhere else to comply with the Canadian Tire inspectors original report. I believe I was punished for having the designated repairs done elsewhere by Canadian Tire messing with my vehicle in various ways to cause problems and finally tell me they had a bad feeling about the car but could not tell me why they would not pass it after $900 of repairs, they had ordered. I took it elsewhere that day and it passed the inspection with flying colours. I'm forever done with Canadian Tire. They give Canada a bad name.


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Sometimes people will boycott the auto service, but not the store.

But don't mess with THIS lady!


Carol-Ann S.L.: My experience with Canadian Tire has affected my shopping habits too. I NEVER recommend that place to anyone, and I NEVER shop there anymore, after my experience with their mechanics and the store manager. BIG THUMBS DOWN !!!!


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Gotta thank CT for paying Facebook, because that's what gave us ....


Sheila T.B.: Great commercial. Perhaps they can now concentrate on their customer service....it's been 4 years and I still will never shop in their store. They lost my blizzac winter tires, and they ordered me new ones from somewhere else as they don't carry the brand. But they ordered the wrong size! By the time they got it figured all out, April was here and I then I bought a new car. Will never shop there again!!!!On another note.....that day....they also misplaced my car keys.....and my car!!!! Lmao couldn't believe it. I had to point out to them that my car was on the hoist....and I bet you....the keys are in them! Wow.


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Indeed, some consumers don't consult the corporation PR department, or the balance sheet, when deciding if a store suck; they just look at the service and policies. Oops! CT lost another informed consumer!


Terry G.: Canadian Tire - not great service any more. Have you tried to return a defective product lately! Shameful - it used to be such a good place to shop. It's Costco all the way for me now - American but good products and great service!