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#19 says,"never again":

Veteun B. It's been a week and I'm still waiting for a call back from them regarding a service issue discrepancy. THEY misquoted me for repairs and forced me to pay an extra $400+ to get my car out of their shop. What could I do? I was there at 830pm, with no way home, and no one from their repair counter was willing to help. I escalated the issue to Customer Relations...had to wait for a call back from them. The person who called me back pretty much told me that there's nothing they could/would do...wouldn't even listen to anything I was saying. I requested it be escalated further and here I am waiting.... CANADIAN TIRE - YOU WILL CONTINUE LOSING CUSTOMERS BY CARRYING ON THIS WAY. I am utterly disgusted with the lack of empathy your Associates have displayed and the manner in which your business is conducted. MAJOR FAIL for Canadian Tire. I will never promote your services or products again.
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After getting nowhere with customer service on the damage CT did to a vehicle, Tanya has joined the boycott:

#20 "will never go back":

Tanya Z. They have not helped us at all and they have denied liability. This was done by telephone only via head office. Is the above email any different? We are long time customers of this company and will never go back, thinking about our options to take this publicly and further it's the worst customer service we have ever experienced. Do not take your vehicle to Canadian Tire will be the message I aim to get across to anyone I know. I do not complain about anything and this is unacceptable.
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Richard M. and do it without Canadian tire, they are an embarrassment to the Canadian name , they ripped me off on some mastercraft air tools and lost me as a customer forever , dont shop there and they cant rip you off they dont stand behind mastercraft tools they should be called american tire then I could understand them ripping me off .... Not ! dont shop here I was a loyal customer for ove twenty years til they treated me wrong and didny give a crap abuot it


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I did a little review of the thread "https://www.canadiantiresucks.net/general-canadian-tire-complaints-chat/880-canadian-tire-complaints-facebook-people-hate-crappy-tire.html"

Sheri B.: I use to shop CT all the time but not any more! It has been May 2, 2012 since I spoke to a customer service rep at head office. They were to investigate why I spent $1500.00 for rims and was foced to go home with the wrong rims for my daughters birthday. The worst money I ever spent and the silents is leaving me feeling totally disrespected.

Dan M.: Absolutely everything is garbage in this store-everything they sell is all that cheap crap thats produced in China. How misleading calling their company "Canadian" when non or very little is produced here. Were you one of the people that was robbed of your job in manufacturing here in Canada? Buying product from this place just endorces Canadians to have a lower quality of life by having OUR jobs shipped oberseas...just to fill a fat slime bags pockets like Canadian Tire. Boycott this company-make your voice known-were tired as Canadians getting fucked over by thieves like this.

Hue W.: My last purchase turned out to be an insult to my integrity. Your store at*13665 102Ave, in Surrey BC V3T 1N7 almost ruined my week off. I went into the store with my shopping buggy & was promptly swarmed by a red t-shirt yelling, " YOU HAVE TO CHECK YOUR BAG! YOU HAVE TO CHECK YOUR BAG! " I said no I will not check my bag, and left the store, went to HOME DEPOT & spent 200.00. I, as a customer refuse to be deemed a thief, WHICH I AM NOT...I CURRENTLY WORK IN RETAIL...you LOST a PAYING CUSTOMER TO ALL OF YOUR STORES. I will spread the word to my friends, relatives across Canada, & clients. My time is very valuable I refuse to stand in a line up at your customer service counter to check my personal belongings, stand in line to pay & stand in line AGAIN to pick up my personal belongings. IT IS THE A RESPONSIBILITY OF YOUR LOSS PREVENTION DEPARTMENT TO SECURE YOUR PRODUCT, NOT YOUR CLIENTS responsibility. If your LP department is not doing a good job, I suggest you find a new CO. Why is your bottom line getting smaller? Because you keep scaring PAYING CUSTOMERS out of your store!!! I would be embarrassed to work at a store/for a company with such a policy. I can see our store following clients around yelling..YOU HAVE TO CHECK YOUR BAG. At OUR SHOPPE, WE ARE THE CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT, THE SALES DEPARTMENT & THE LOSS PREVENTION DEPARTMENT. So good luck to you in the future & have a wonderful life without this PAYING CUSTOMER.

Larry S.: Canadian tire sucks bought two coffee mach both defective return for exchange won't give me my money back store credit only never have those problem with home depot gonna tell my face book friends not to shop there any more

Larry S.: Canadian tire you have lost a life long customer have bought two defective coffee machines and I do not want exchange. Or store credit just want my 91$ back I will be telling all my face book friends to give there custom to home hardware home depot even wallmart

Kris H.: Here's a review for you: I bought a glass teapot from your Mcgillvary store in Winnipeg two days ago. It was a gift for my girlfriend. She was delighted and all was well...until she opened the box. The teapot itself was obviously used, as it was covered in waterspots and there was bits of tea stuck in the infuser! The two flowering tea pods were also nowhere to be found. It was obviously bought, used*and the store staff didn't even check to see if it was clean or complete before selling it again to me! Here's the problem: I can't find the receipt so I'm not even going to bother trying to return it. I'm just never going to shop at Canadian Tire again.


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Hmm. That link didn't work right. Should have been https://www.canadiantiresucks.net/g...plaints-facebook-people-hate-crappy-tire.html

Anyway ...

Kevin D: nope, you stole my money, your not going to steal my time as well. -you guys had a chance at the store level to fix my problem! I wont be back, and i will tell my friends and family what happened.

Don N.: Went on facebook just to say that I went to Canadian Tire for work on my car. By far the worst experience I have ever had. Wait 3 hours for an oil change and coolant flush and watched as staff stood around doing nothing with 10 cars in the garage. Will never go back! Avoid at all costs!

Sarah V.: I am so furious. I have four things to go and get at our local Canadian Tire, two they didn't have, and one they had no clue about. Couldn't even find it on your website! The one we did buy is not going to be opened until you actually have one on display in your store. I was told how once we open it we can't return it, no matter what. Really? Well I would like to see one put together BEFORE I decide to buy and keep one. I am never buying from Canadian Tire again, due to your new 'return' rules. One is being ordered in for me, and I will open it in the store and make sure it's worth the money. If not? I'll just leave it in pieces at your store for you to play with. I am not proud of Canadian Tire anymore.

Kayla B.: I am not at all surprised that your Facebook page doesn’t allow anyone to post on your wall. You would have to hire a large social media team for the overwhelming amount of complaints. Smart move on your part I guess, at least someone on your team is using their head. I am so displeased with your Lethbridge Northside location. I called there to make an appointment for a tire repair I was hung up on twice. Then when I finally spoke to someone who knew how to use a telephone I was able to get an appointment. When I arrived they took my keys and asked that I come back in an hour. As soon as I left the building they called and said I had to return to discuss some findings. They said they did not have the parts or the tools to fix my tire. Weird. The building I am in says Canadian TIRE. The parts guy then told me I needed new lugnuts and because I had a rim he had not seen before it would be “impossible” for him to find and he had been making calls since I left to track them down. I made ONE phone call and found what he needed. Keep in mind I am a girl. I also know nothing about tires. After all the hassle of me finding my own parts and driving to go get them, they did not fix my tire nor did they sell me a new one. I was there for 3 hours for nothing. When I arrived at home Canadian Tire called me again. This time to tell me that they forgot to put my rim back in my trunk and I would have to come get it. I told them that I had an appointment at Fountain Tire the in 2 days at 1:00PM and they would need to deliver it there. Today when I arrived at Fountain Tire for my appointment they told me that Canadian Tire did not deliver the rim. GIVE ME A BREAK they had 2 days to deliver it. I had to call repeatedly to get it dropped off so that I didn’t set back Fountain Tire’s Schedule. One staff member actually blamed me for forgetting my rim? Seriously?? To top it all off they charged me a large bill FOR NOTHING. I will never return to any of your stores.


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Amazing how many Canadians have used Canadian Tire's own facebook page to announce to the world their intention of never shopping at CT's stores again.


Billie J.: My entire famiy no longer goes there due to the unreal and terrible customer service. I have won awards for my approach to customer service and I dont think I could help those people. The North side Lethbridge store is awful. Noone I know goes there anymore.

Michelle S.: You may very well have been around for 90 years but you have the worse warranty services, worse returns and the most rude and ignorant managers I have ever seen. I haven't stepped foot in a Canadian Tire Store in nearly 2 years...lots of other places who like me spending money in their stores!

Holly T.: I have a 2yr 4 month old battery that has been taken care of according to all the manufacturers instuctions, properly installed, well ventalated area and when I went to start the boat yesterday it exploded. We are talking BIG EXPLOSION. there was plastic shrapnel covering the entire 2 car garage! Worse yet when I took it back to the Trenton Ont Canadian Tire store they would not replace it - dispite the 2.5 yr total limited warranty. And to make matters worse the man at the counter stopped only slightly short of calling me a dumb blond chick! iF YOU VALUE YOUR WELFARE AND THAT OF YOUR FAMILY --- DO NOT BUY MOTOMASTER BATTERIES. IF YOU VALUE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND UNPREJUDICED SERVICE --- DO NOT SHOP AT CANADIAN TIRE. There are far better LOCAL businesses that can provide better products and customer service!


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At first, I was only going to list people who boycotted the 'Red Triangle of Crap' retail stores.

But now I've notice just how many people call for a separate boycott of the Crappy Service Centers for auto repairs.

I suppose a true purist would have to be someone who boycotts both sides of the business.

But I've decided for now to count anybody who boycotts either the Crappy Store, or the Crappy Auto Service Center.

Leandro D.: incompetent workers are at canadian tire,they damaged my car
Leandro D.: do not go to canadian tire in rosemere,incompetent workers

Ralph P.: i love my Nascar..however my last trip to the Newmarket store i will never shop there again..guess they don,t need my thousands? SO I WILL NOT BE SHARRING MY NASCAR with you

Michael B.: They charged me 800 bucks to do a wheelbearing on my truck and got grease all in the inside and when u bring it up they make you out to be the bad guy last time i go to canadian tire

Patsy G.: we aren't talking about shopping early. We're talking about celebrating xmas too early and not giving a few days to our much deserved Veterans. Allyson.. we have a store in the Moncton area who told our vets they could set up a table for their poppy campaign... OUT DOORS!!! Disgraceful. I'll not darken that store again and I WILL tell everyone I know about it. My father was shoot in WWII, my son and son in law have both been overseas, my son was only in Afghanistan a couple hours when he attended his first ramp ceremony and for those of you who have no idea what I am talking about it's when a soldier is killed and they have a funeral procession as they load the casket of the soldier on a plane, my son in law was one of the pallbearers and escorted his buddy home to his final resting place. So I guess I'm a little passionate about Remembrance Day. Today I wrote to 2 companies, one of which was Canadian Tire and the other Leons to voice my disappointment with them. I suggest that others speak up and do the same. As the old saying goes.. If you can't stand behind our soldiers please feel free to stand in front of them. SHAME SHAME SHAME ... Canadian Tire... A business with the name Canadian should most certainly understand.

Andriy O.: Hate Canadian tire. Crooked garage , that is rite. Once on Sunday I needed urgent repair and only choice was CT. Took $55 to spend 2 minutes to look at the problem I already specified. Gave me x 1.5 inflated estimated. Kissed them good bye for good to go to local garage.

Sandie C.: have officially stopped this coming through my feed...you don't respect the men and women who've died fighting for YOUR freedom? I don't respect your business and will not longer shop here!

Candy S.: U are not Canada's Christmas store..stop advertising such a thing..u sell crap..always have always will.. u treat your employees like crap..worst of all u have no respect for timing..its not Christmas,wont be for a long while yet..we just finished Halloween..we have Remembrance day coming up do something about that to honour our veterans,not the greedy christmas stuff that we are so sick of looking at by the time the season comes around..makes me sick to walk in to your store and see trees and decorations etc.etc...im not in the mood for it yet..and i feel that all this is being shoved down my throat..so therefore i will not go to your stores anymore not now or ever.


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Jack Z.: After having new quick struts installed by my own mechanic which I purchased at CT University Plaza, 2650 Tecumseh Rd West
Windsor, ON I brought it in for an alignment. since the alignment my van was pulling to the left. I came back and your staff insisted it wa pulling to the right but after a road test agreed it was left. I was then told it was probably the tires. Then the mechanic started to run down a list of possible problems starting with struts and then tie rod ends. Remember I came in for an alignment because I replaced the struts. Why wasn't I told at the time of the alignment that there was a problem? The paperwork did indicate a pulling to the right which was wrong. I am having my van inspected by a real qualified garage and getting all the information written to come back on CT. At this point I wouldn't trust CT to work on my garbage can.

Rachelle R.: As of today i am boycotting Canadian Tire, i am absolutely dumbfounded with what i'm reading on Facebook, apparently Canadian Tire in Campbellton is refusing to let veterans to sell poppies in their lobby, i've never heard of anything as ridiculous in my life, I SUGGET YOU TAKE THE CANADIAN OUT OF CANADIAN TIRE!!!!

Charles C.: i just recently has a very bad experience at the store. price raise 3 times faulty spark plug and very poor service. by time all done still took me for over 50$ more than should have will NEVER set foot in store again

Sheldon S.: I refuse to shop in the store due to my multiple times of incompetent/dishonest auto service in their Kelowna Store, So haven't bought anything in the store for years. Why reward bad behaviour. They don't deserve my dollars. Or yours either.

Charles C.: After the service and treatment I received today please don't thank me cause I shall never set foot in your store again.

Andrew S.: No thanks i wont be buying anything from Canadian Tire because of their lack of respect for Veterans...

Scott B.: So in this week's flyer the tablet was once again advertised - but for TEN DOLLARS MORE! Not being as trusting as I was last week, I called ahead. Guess what? Yet again, it is not in stock. The employee looked up other local stores to see where I could find some - NOWHERE! So yet again a product was advertised and not available. Thanks also for not responding to my concern last week. I will be taking my business elsewhere and cancelling my CTFS credit card. I'll spend my money sonewhere that appreciates my business and addresses the issues that customers have. Once again, thanks for nothing.

Yvonne P.: JIM is right.. I wouldn't take my car there for repairs..learned my lesson..got a huge bill but seems like nothing was fixed..took it to a smaller shop..bill wasn't to bad and the quality of work was awesome..

Atef M.: Today in the morning around 9:30 am I called the Auto Service at the Whitby store (4100 Garden Street) to book an appointment for an oil change and also to check the brake. The representative told me that I do not have to book an appointment and I can just drop the vehicle and they will get it done today. So I went and I left my vehicle with Lisa at 10:15 am. She told me that the technician will start with my vehicle after lunch. I also left my phone number in order to let me know if something needs to be done in the brake. I took the day off from work because I only have one vehicle. So, I walked back home (about 2 km from Canadian Tire) and waited for them to call. Around 2:30 pm I gave them a call to enquire about my vehicle and the representative told me that the technician will just start looking at the brake. When I asked him about the oil change he told me that most probably it is done! I also asked him when the vehicle will be ready for me to pick up he said that they will call me. So I waited! Around 4:30 pm I received a call telling me that they could not get my vehicle done today and they will work on it tomorrow morning!!! Since I have only one car and I needed it for work I went to pick it up. I walked back to the store and it was raining. Anyways, I went and I was surprised to hear that they even did not get the oil change done!!!! I was trying to ask and see why nothing was done in my car for almost 7 hours. I got a lame response that the technician had some troubles with another vehicle and could not get to my car. The person who was telling me that is the assistant manager "Mr. Joseph Coppa". He was inconsiderate of my situation and did not offer any apology at all! When I was asking him why no one told me earlier that my car will not be looked at today, he just said we phoned you a while ago to do so!!! Are they operating the Auto Service at that store with only one technician? That’s not acceptable; I expect better customer service at Canadian Tire. I am very disappointment with the service quality and I really lost my faith in you guys. Sorry, but I am taking my business somewhere else where a courteous customer service is provided!

Val F.: what is the customer service # I need to make some complaint about the service in th Campbell River and Courtenay stores Phone the Courtenay one yesterday at 8:00 am about getting a quote for a starter for my truck and almost 30 hours later still no call back NEVER again Canadian Tire your Service SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Bon B.: Took my car to Canadian Tire to get my winter tires on, They stole 2 of my centre hubs off the wheels, and said that's how I came in. I inspect my car every time before going into any shop. They cost $34.00 plus taxes each. I will never shop at Canadian Tire Again.

Lindsay C.: Absolutely awful company, especially the location in Dartmouth Crossing Nova Scotia. Terrible service manager and store owner. Both are extremely rude and unprofessional and went back on their word on something they said they would do for me after my property went missing while my car was in their care for servicing. Do NOT go here.

Nick U.: C T was found guilty and fined for price gouging.They don't get my money anymore

chard M.: Canadian tire sucks they lost my business when they riped me off over a defective mastercraft nail gun didnt work right out of the box tried to return it and they wanted to send it to a repair depot I left the crap with them and they never resolved it neither did there mastercard protection services they ripped me off for almost 200bucks plus my waste of time. so I cancelled my Canadian Tire MasterCard I want nothing to do with them any more they lost me of a valued customer you should leave too several people have told me they have had some more experience with Mastercraft products being defective and Canadian Tire not standing behind them don't purchase any Mastercraft air tool they don't stand behind a product when is defective from brand new it's costing them thousands of dollars of my business and you should take your business away to

Richard M.: Bought all my xmas gifts there for the last 15 years never again after they ripped me off

Russell B.: I have spent my final dollar with this corporation, I will never shop here again. One more customer screwed over by lack of warranty follow up.

Jose D.: Bunch of crooks...damaged my rim and blamed someone else...customer service gave me the song and dance. Terrible place to do business with. Treat customers badly. Now they are suffering and have started to lay off people just before Christmas. I'll never ever buy anything at CT and my kids won 't either.

Kendra K. The one where I live is the same Deann!! They are a joke!! And writing to corporate does no good either - they dont get back to you and nothing changes-still crap service and no product!! I quit going there like 4 years ago!

Anne S. Try to never go to this store, and believe me, maybe only once in a year. You give them your money, buy a pressure washer and when you return it because it does not work, they give you a 1-800 #. Something not right about this!!!! I was wondering what that customer service desk was!!!

Tracy T.: I swear to never trust canadian tire auto shop, my tire which was originally purchased from here had a slow leak. The mechanic took less than 10 minutes came back told me it can't be fixed. Immediately gave me options for a new tire heck he gave me a quote on full set of 4 new ones. With doubts I took my car to another well known tire shop he fixed it for under 20 dollars never trust these crooks with ur car!


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Lily F. Last time I went to Canadian Tire, swore would never set foot in their stores again. Besides the toxic smells , there is the new design wherein you are forced to wander about blocked aisles to find what you are seeking. Feels like a total disregard and disdain. I got so frustrated that I even put back what I had managed to find and left the store. Canadian Tire used to be a comfy type place, easy to shop at, with knowledgeable and willing staff. Now, the staff, if you are lucky, will point you to some far off location and then go back their chit-chats amongst each other.

Jamie W. I had a terrible experience this past Saturday having to do with the sales. In the flyer it had a picture of a 44 pack of k-cups and said 15.97. It never stated that it was any other package so I assumed it meant the pictured item. I drove 15 minutes to the store, waited 30 mins to be helped and when they came over they told it meant it stated at 15.97 and up for select k-cup packs. The flyer never stated ANY of this. Just a picture of the 44 K-cup pack and the price. This is terrible marketing. Lying about what the deal really is just to get people in the store. I will never shop at. Canadian tire after wasting my time and gas after this shady marketing.

Jean L. Went to Brittania Rd and Mavis Sunday! Worst Customer Service ever! Employees are rude and disrespectful! Will never walk into a Canadian Tire service centre again! They don't deserve my business.

Jean L. You see! All Canadian Tire wants is your money... Mr Ennis got their interest as there is some money still available to grab!All the other unsatisfied customers, they simply disregard! I Hope people will start seeing this trend and STOP SHOPPING AT YOUR STORE and drive you bankrupt.

Richard M. dont buy mastercraft air tools if they dont work they wont return your item I bought new nail gun didnt work wouldnt return the item wanted to send it to repair depot it was bran-new I never purchased a repaired tool they wouldnt give me a new one or reufund left the junk with them and they never resolved it did all my xmas shopping with them for last 15 years and they lost me over a 160 dollar framing nailer that didnt work new out of box paid for it on my can tire mastercard they wouldnt help me either cancaled my canadian tire card over it you should too !!!!

Ivan G. Agree with you Richard, customer service both in the store and corporate don't care. I had issues as well that no body sseemed to want to resovle. I am no longer a Canadian Tire customer and hope others realize there are better places to shop with better customer service.

Rayna L. NEVER take your car to Canadian Tire. I was trying to get ready for winter while replacing my tires when they ransacked my car and stole my iPod. They will steal your stuff too!!! #canadiantirethieves

Kyle G. Your automotive department is a bunch of theiving sheisters. I am livid with the service i got and i got completely gauged. Store in south end Greater Sudbury. I will never be using your services again.

Andrew L. Unfortunately the worst service I have ever had has been at Canadian tire. It's funny how I have been able to not shop there and they are literally the closest retail outlet to my house (literally). The day I received this terrible service I vowed I would never go back to them, and tell my story to anyone that would listen. Unfortunately Canadian tire at the time was my favorite store and I was spending a couple thousand dollars a year there. As the house I just bought was my first house and it needed a little work to fix up. In not going to get into the actual story here as it would take to long but let's just say my tire is now flat.

Liz P. Hmmm. Home hardware from now on. At least there's no service department to "flip me the bird" as they cut me off pulling out if a service bay. I honked at him. I had the right of way and he gave me the finger. I'll go to Canadian tire ... When hell freezes over. (Not even if they sold beer!!!)


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Tesie C.: Sorry but i don 't like Canadian Tire after they did on my ...i asked them to fix but they more damaged...so i end up fixing my car somewhere...so think about ....never shop or ask them to repair ur car.....

Wendy H. Good advice ... just never ever take your vehicle for anything because they will mess it up or soak you for something else they say they have to fix befor they can fix your original problem. That is after they tear it all apart and can't put it back together until it is fixed their way. Your bill is always 2 or 3 times their original quote. I know from personal experience and I only wanted 2 new tires put on.

Lorraine M. I haven't shopped at C.T. since I had a bad experience with aan expensive appliance and it was a real hassle to return it and get my money back. Their return policy stinks! I suggest if you are going to buy an expensive appliance then you better check their return policy. Just wanted to let you know this.

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Amy S. I used to shop there but the return policy is so miserable, I do not bother any longer! Canadian Tire, get with the times! Get a reasonable return policy! Improve your service!

Robert L. I recently made the mistake to shop at your Canadian Tire store on Regent in Winnipeg Manitoba. I spent 120.00 on curling supplies, however when I reached the till, after waiting in line for ten minutes, I was forced to wait another 15 minutes while noone in the store would get a product code. I asked for a simple discount for waiting and the manager of the store refused to even consider it. I will be letting my friends and family know and I can assure you that they and I will not shop at your stores. You are going to loos thousands of dollars in future sales. I cannot believe that you would ever treat a customer like that.

Jay R. I cannot stress enough how awful the automotive departments are at Canadian tire. 3 different stores, all overcharging for minor repairs. Everytime I see this ad in my newsfeed I vomit in my mouth a little and remind myself that actually feels better than thinking about entering any Canadian tire

#78 (or should I count this as 10?):

Greg B. Pat ..It's hard to stop the Unsolicited , unwanted Privacy Violating Advertisments...but it's easy to stop giving them our Business...Just by word of mouth alone ,in the last 24hrs I know of 9 Individuals that have said they will discontinue shopping at CT, Because of this unsavory practice ...want to make it 10 ??...If 10 people that stop shopping would have spent a $100.00 that works out to $ 1000.00...it's a start ...

Tracy i too will not shop at canadian tire anymore due to there return polices and pricing, last year they had a coffee maker for 39 dollars, the next week they had the same one for 99 dollars with 30 percent off, lol.. they do this all the time, its crazy im sure alot of stores do this but it just seems that canadian tire just stands out more then the rest, also i hate going in there only to have people walking arouind not knowing anything about the products they are selling, drives me crazy

Mike S. Canadian Tire is the LAST place I would shop! Once you buy it and walk out the door its Soooo long and forget about bringing it back if it's faulty! Just look at the ratings on your phone under places and see for yourself!


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Grace L. Never ever will I shop at CT! Costs you, and if you lookie see around, you'll find it cheaper somewhere else........sides who's got the time to sit in the kitchen HAHAHA

Charles B. I was looking at tree's in your store when this add came in.
I hate the way you have invited your way on to my page!
I think I'll go buy a real tree and support an organization other than your store.
This add just cost you $229.00

#83 (and not more, because they didn't say how many people are in their family):

Peggy C. Hmm...strong customer service? Does this sound like strong customer service?! The Canadian Tire store in Vernon, BC, refused to honor a warranty!! Recently, we had to replace the serpentine belt in our van. They gave us a choice of two different belts, the more expensive one (approx $60), had a longer warranty, of approx. two years. So we purchased that one. Now, less than three months later, that belt has fallen apart, the cloth backing peeling away, etc.
So, we took it to Canadian Tire, along with the receipt, to replace it under the warranty. Canadian Tire refused to honor it. Instead, they blamed us, saying it was something wrong with our van. We told them there is nothing wrong with the van. If there were, we wouldn't have been able to do the amount of driving we do, with kids, etc. They still refused to honor it. Then to add insult to injury, as we were leaving the store, the people behind the counter (parts dept.), were trash talking us!!! Needless to say, we are very disappointed, upset!! In the end, Canadian Tire has lost an entire family of customers!

Anita S. Boycotted Canadian tire stores

Shawnna H. I AGREE HA DI! ! I have never been satisified with a product the first time due to inaccurate advertising and staff knowledge, I have been shorted items and then been called a thief in as many words, and I have been sold items that were clearly used (such as a steam cleaner with water still in it) and more insultingly I was charged full price for said used item. Canadian Tire could be the last store on the face of the earth and I still wouldnt shop there.

Theresa P. We are not going here any more . They would not replace a 2 year old battery that has a 10 year warranty and the year was written right on the top. We couldn t find the receipt. So hang on to the receipt for 10 years. Who does that anyway!!

Angie E. Auto center like to rip their customers .... Experienced it and will never take my car their for service!!!!

Alecia F. I was lied to by a Canadian Tire employee!!! Few months back I was told they were doing away with Canadian Tire money and introducing a loyalty card to replace it. I specifically asked if it was a credit card and was told absolutely not!!! If it was I wasn't interested. I gave him my info assuming he was being truthful and lo and behold a few weeks later I received a Canadian Tire Master Card in the mail!!! I literally saw red. I will never step foot into another store again!!!

Zachary R. I will never shop at your store

Sarah W. You suck and I'm very disappointed that you will not return my comments on your customer service email... I was once a faithful customer but ... No more!


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Steven C. CTC, in regards to this post "Steven, strong customer service is important, we would like to hear more. Please contact customer service customerservice@canadiantire.com." I have sent letters and e-mails to your company over the past few years with specific incidents and store numbers and have received only form letters back in the mail/e-mail that you would follow up on it etc. Nothing has changed and so I don't shop at your stores anymore as the only way to make you learn it seems is to vote with my wallet at a competitor... It's so sad but the Americans have us beat 10-fold in service at their stores... (

Paul F. Never patronize businesses that pay to spam your Facebook news feed!

Dan M. Instead of giving away promo cards, put the money into improving customer service. That would be a much more effective way of earning back my business, which Canadian Tire lost long ago.

Jackson M. I will never shop at Canadian tire again in my life anyway because their service is garbage...keep your fifteen bucks.

Ross G. Actually, we bought Christmas lights, decided they were not needed and instead of dealing with the Christmas line ups though we'd wait until shopping cooled down. Everything was new in the box, untouched. This isn't my first negative experience with CT but its certainly the last. As Dylan said, deal with Walmart, no hassles.

enise R. Just had a brutal experience at your Canadian Tire in Keswick, ON. Your paint department matched a paint swatch for me and got it wrong. I took the same swatch back to the store and they matched it again. This time the machine came up with a completely different formula for matching. Yet the store refused to do anything about it. So now i'm stuck with a can of paint that was incorrectly matched the first time I went. I'm taking my business elsewhere.

Jonathan H. to never go back to your store in La Plaine, Québec! NEVER!!!

Phil C. don t spend my cash at canadian tire

Randall H. Do more of my shopping online instead of at Canadian Tire Stores, since they never have enough of their advertised items in stock when I go to purchase them..............!
I am tired of hearing the phrase: "SORRY SIR, THAT ITEM IS OUT OF STOCK" on the first or second day of the ad.......!

Andrew H. ...to never use Canadian Tire Automotive Services again! Untrustworthy, lots of bullshit, not to mention a broken glove box because they were too rough rooting around in there for something back in the summer. I took back my Toyota to the dealer where they fixed the glove box free of charge... Canadian Tire had no answer as to why my glove box would not close and didn't even offer to fix it.. ?? , even though it was fine before it went in there! Not to mention recently taking advantage of people and charging for work that doesn't need to be done, or charging you for telling you what is wrong, even though you brought it in there and told them the exact same thing the day before.... why??? Why charge me to tell me what I already know? I love the STORE, but the Auto Service section is suspect and feels like a massive swindle!


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Dita W. To stop buying stuff at Canadian tire. The worst customer service ever and they sell crap that breaks or never works at all. I have a brand new inflatable bed that I got last year. Finally took it out of the box as we had company over and the mattress deflated overnight. My nephew slept on it and his mom is a GM of a cdn tire....how ironic is that?! Needless to say I don't have a receipt as it was a direct swap for our first inflatable bed that also leaked air. What crap....thanks a lot!

Colin M. Canadian Tire I will never shop at your stores again. You have failed me one too many times. I will be calling your corporate customer service line on Monday and expressing, rather concisely, how you continue to fail. This time its not returning an item WITH a receipt WITHIN 30 days of purchase?? A new low Canadian Tire, a new low.

John W. Here is a tip for Canadian Tire - STOP POSTING FAKE REGULAR PRICES IN YOUR STORE! SHAME ON YOU telling us that a regular price is one price when you NEVER sold it at that price. AND then you try to tell us the current price is the "Sale price" - WE ARE NOT THAT STUPID!!! I shop elsewhere!

David L. With the poor customer service I recieved last week at the Garden City Store, I will not shop at Canadian Tire again.

Craig S.: Shopped ct my whole life till some guy got me to fill out for card buddy said I would get a fifty dollar gift card also they sent me the credit card and a letter that said I didn't qualify for the gift card for some crazy reason o didn't understand I got rid of credit card and stopped shopping there

Kevin P. never buying another piece of crap from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ikram Z. I bought a trademill from canadian tire a year ago..now it is garbage .. it does not work..when i called them..said sorry..no warranty ..more than a year.. I wonder if wall mart do that ..? or Costco..?!! I wont buy from canadian tire..ever !

Bob A. I really try hard to avoid purchasing anything from CTC. Their auto parts are crap. I used to spend over $1000 a year there but for the last 20 years have made a point of not buying anything from them.

Syd L. It appears my previous comment was edited by an unknown factor I stopped shopping at canadian tire years ago, bad service all products from offshore.

Darryl F. Canadian Tire??!!! screw them. Every time I go shopping for tools and equipment they're always about 20% more expensive than Rona Lowes and Home Depot. Most recently i bought a 1/2" breaker bar... EXACT same one at Home Depot was $15 cheaper (Rona was $10 cheaper)
AAAAND, they sponsor NHL revenue which the greedy owners and players fought over and COST US GOOD HOCKEY TO WATCH.
I'm boycotting all the companies I LIKE and SHARED this site: http://www.facebook.com/Nhlrevenuelockout


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John M. Stop posting your trash on my wall. I'll be sure never to shop at your store again. Home depot all the way as they don't harass me.

Yvon V. Shopping at Canadian Tire isn't worth the frustrating customer support anymore, especially since they changed their return policy. I live in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, and I swear they have the worst customer service team in existence. I once received a master craft product as a gift - but already had the item. I decided I would exchange it as it was in its original packaging and get something I could actually use. Despite my insistence that master craft was a Canadian tire brand and that I couldn't possibly have bought the product from some other company they adamantly refused to take it back. While I used to shop almost exclusively at Canadian Tire, I recommend going to Walmart or Costco; they have an excellent return policy. To add insult to injury, most of the people behind the counter in saint jean are more interested in complaining about their work conditions and breaks than they are about serving you.

Donald B. will never shop there again in my life time


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Not sure if this is a boycott of the store too, or just the (dis)service center:

Brad S.*well had my brakes done in edmonton at canadian tire calgary trail-rotors, drums,pads and shoes-and out of province inspection-drive 4 hours calipars seize fixed at canadian tire in Okatooks-2 weeks ago brake light comes on so I check fluid and fill it*up light goes out-keeps going low -towed in to canadian tire in Trail-calipars leaking,emergency brake seized and need something kind of drum housing or something another $1000 should canadian tire not cover all this they messed them up -3 canadian tires in a month $2200 plus lost wages never again 2 canadian tire--


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A customer posted yet another complaint on their facebook pages, and CT advised a customer to send them an email.

That advice inspired the posting of Boycott #114:

Francis R. In other words "loose more of your time by writing to us so we can and tell you there's nothing we can do". That's the treatment I received. Boycot Canadian Tire!


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Are they boycotting the whole operation? Or just the Crappy Car Wash?

Carl C. I am really cheesed off with Barrhaven's Canadian Tire! After inching my way forward in the carwash queue, the machine refused my number, as did the faceless female voice on the other end of the voicebox after I pushed the button and told her my problem. She claimed the number had already been used. If it had, it certainly wasn't by anyone in this family. All she would do was sell me another wash. No way! My final visit there!


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#115, hot off the presses:

Good Good Study Be careful of buying stuff in this store, at least be careful of buy anything you are not sure about its quality, because the chances are you stuck with the poor quality stuff you bought. Apparently, this store changed its policy a while ago so that customers can only return unopened stuff. If you bought anything that was broken later, you may not be able to return it! I don't know how many things in this store are not allowed to return. This information is, unfortunately, never provided. An assumption is, if anything is not marked as returnable, it cannot be returned if you open the box.

Good Good Study I have been with this store for more than ten years. But, now ... Good Bye!


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#116, as posted on CT's own (LOL!) "fan" page:

Ian C. Pretty useless. No way of starting your own thread on here and then they tell you to call customer service. I'll just buy things elsewhere instead.