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if anything ct have taken this further,not only not disclosing our rights under the law,but actively negating the terms of soga which is not allowed.


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Well, a store can't really negate the terms of the SOGA - but they can give you false information, in hopes of keeping your money.

But if I understand the Criminal Code correctly, if they knowingly give you false information, in order to keep your money, and you are fooled by them and let them keep it, then it's a criminal fraud. Something to think about!


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if im right about this,and i believe that i may be,then the very RECEIPT is in itself an act of fraud,because it says in big words 'repair only warranty'.....


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Well, I see Mr. CT Moaner One logged on last night, but for some reason forgot to paste in his usual robo-post.

Here - let me take care of that!

- If even ONE Canadian has EVER had even ONE complaint about ANY OTHER store, then NOBODY can EVER claim there's a problem at Crappy Tire.

- It matters not how many Canadians have complain about CT, or even boycott the store entirely, because I’m still making money.

- Customers are stupid.

- I’m rich.

OK, we’re all caught up!



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just as a bit of additional,the court thing on friday is a settlement conference,and ill be honest im not really sure what will happen there.reading up about it,basically the judge assesses the chances of both parties if it goes to trial.so obviously ill be bringing up the potential fraud here,and hopefully will get some idea about the chances of such an allegation succeeding if it goes to trial.from what we have discussed,and mr owners outdated rebuttals of our musings,i have to figure i have a good chance,but obv we will see how fridays conference goes.memo to self,dont get totally drunk the night before,it will probably be in a small room,and i dont want him thinking im still pissed!


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i was having a wee look at the simoniz scandal thread....i came across this message from ctme/lawguy...posting number 65...youve probably forgotten this nugget,but i kid you not its what he wrote....

Here's another suggestion. Instead of nitpicking on CT over every little problem. Why not use a little common sense people. If the pressure washer you bought didn't work out why not buy another one? The chances of the new one working are astronomical. Not all of them are defective you know and we carry several models. That's what I tell customers who come back moaning and groaning about their items that don't work. If they're nice, I even give them a small discount towards their next replacement. That's good customer service.

i mean that is completely hilarious...2 lemons for the price of....2....and an astronomical chance that the second one will even work.....


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Yeah, it's here:


I think he/she was claiming that the odds are very low that both will be defective.

But judging from all the stories, it seems the odds are pretty good that it will either be defective right out of the box, or will break down in short order.

The Crappy People were asked to provide some of the objective evidence they claimed to have on hand, about defect rates, but declined. All we got was, "Yup, I checked. Most of 'em are A-OK".

We were hoping for a print out of a report showing any actual percentage: 10% defective? 25% defective? 50%?

I guess it must be a pretty poor number, if they weren't willing to go public with it.
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Another example of the kind of 'service' people get at Crappy Tire - I wonder if it's a policy to do this?

Tanya B.: after pricing some tires at Costco my hubby went to Canadian tire tonight for a quote, we need tires for now and a set for winter as well so probably looking at about $1600, after asking the service rep for the specs he was sent over to the computer to look them up himself and then after coming back to ask a final question was told "we're closing in 5 minutes, I'm going to have to ask you to leave"...thanks for making the decision easier, that young man just made costo $1600 richer
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Another once-loyal ex-customer discovers that the CT of old, no longer exists:


Dave G.: The christmas before last I purchased a canadian tire wire feed welder on sale, for around 220 dollars. It up and died a year and a half later. I was checking the manual for a possible fuze/breaker issue, no luck, but found it had a three year warranty. After dealing with a less than pleasent and far frm helpful customer service representative (using the term SERVICE loosely) I called a toll free number for a repaire depot.

Unable to repair I get a certificate, for "replace/refund" I walked back to the welders and yes...mine was in stock...happy happy joy joy....NOT. I was told that replacing was not an option because I had only paid 220 for the welder and its now at retail regular price of 399...WHAT????? SERIOUSLY???? So refund it is...well sort of...in the form of a canadian tire gift card. Stuck waiting for the welder to go on sale again I guess.

I then decided that after the anal violation (excuse the expression) I got for getting a "deal" at canadian tire was not going to happen to me again, kicked in the extra cash and bought it at full retail for 399. It was the last one, box was open but looked like it was just open and never removed ( not the case at all!!) I then, just a day or two after, I got a serious back injury, and wasnt able to walk let alone pull out the welder and get back to my projects.

So finally after a couple of months I pull it out for a quick welding repair, and the "trigger feed" was broken and jamming up the wire feed. Oh well..it has a FULL warranty....right? HA ha ha ha ~snort~ ha ha , what a joke. Recalled the 90 day store exchange in the warranty info i repacked it n headed up to canadian tire once again.

Purchace date..06/16/2013...return date..08/16/2013....yeah baby...I am going to get satisfaction.....good grief will I ever learn? The more pleasent young lady at canadian tire customer service (using the term SERVICE ever more lightly) informs me it only has a 90 day exchange and im too late ( I`m sure thats what she said) being in a very foul mood (layed off frm my job permanently, and still in severe pain) I decided to take the high road and not allow her to hear my misplaced (somewhat) aggression, and walked out.

Took the welder to the repair depot, and just got it back (working even!) (add shock) on 09/16/2013. I have over the years, being a car guy, automotive electronic tech, fabricator, and all round tool guy, spent thousands and thousands of dollars (often more than the competition because canadian tire is CANADIAN)

Well let me tell you....I will never shop canadian tire ever again, friends, family all have been informed that I wont accept gifts from there either. friends an the rest of the public will also read this as a warning to all the fair treatment I, a very loyal customer has received.

Two more from Dave:


Dear Dave G.,

Thank you for your reply.

When Return Authorization numbers are issued, this provides a customer the option to exchange or refund the item. If a customer is exchanging his unit for the exact same item (product numbers must match), they are not required to pay a price difference unless the customer is exchanging for a different item. If the item is discontinued, then yes, the customer may be required to pay the price difference on a different model if the regular price is more expensive than the regular price of the unit being exchanged.

We apologize for the way in which the situation was handled at the store, which is why we have forwarded your concerns off to the Management Team and Associate Dealer for their review and response.

We thank you for providing us the opportunity to respond.

Corporate Customer Relations
Canadian Tire Corporation Limited


To Whom It May Concern

According to THAT, then my 1st welder SHOULD have been replaced, NOT refunded...being my option, according to your reply. After purchasing the 2nd welder, it went on sale soon after I bought it? Does Canadian tire have a price protection policy? I never exercised that option due to my fear of the stores fictitious "sale price" return policy, and wanted to make sure that they joke of a warranty was worth a little more than the paper it was typed on. Mastercraft Flux Core Welder # 058-8194-4 was purchased on 06/16/2013, look up when it went on sale after that date. I still say you owe me $210.04 difference, now that I know that sale items and regularly priced items carry the same joke of a return/refund/warranty policies. All im seeing here is you people covering yours and the owen sound store`s butts. Possibly suggesting to that staff different wording whilst screwing over other patrons. No satisfaction for the customer, at all!!!! next stop and all related communications including a copy of my warranty to be sent to >>>>>Home... willing to offer up my mailing address so you can mail me a check for the difference ....THAT`S $210.04 incase you missed it the first time.


CT Challenger

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A CT’er recently posted some fascinating theories on why the barrage of complains on their own Facebook page, actually shows that there are zero (and they mean ZERO!) problems at The Red Triangle of Crap.

(Of course, the main reason the CT'er types out these nuisance posts, is to try to dodge the obvious implications: that there are deep and disturbing problems with the way Crappy Tire treats its customers.)

Now, even a casual review of other companies’ Facebook pages will show that other, similar retailers do not get nearly the number of complaints on a daily basis, despite the techniques CT uses to try discourage negative posts (including out-right deletions).

But the crack-pot theory from the CT’er goes something like this: there is NOT an actual increase in complaints about CT. It only LOOKS that way, because “social media” provides a wider audience.

What if that were true? What if the rate of complaints (on a per-store or per-square-foot or per-customer basis) was unchanged over the years? Couldn’t an actual “owner” provide some statistics to back this up? Couldn’t they just post electronic documents comparing complaint rates from “the 80's, the 90's, and into 2000”?

Yet they have failed to do so, posting only flakey opinions and guess-work, in lieu of the data they claim to have!

So, we are left to guess why they have failed to do so.

Sheer laziness?

Maybe that data is above their pay grade?

Or perhaps the numbers will confirm what we already know: that CT’s product quality, customer service, and return policies have declined significantly in recent years/decades, and the rate of customer complaints has correspondingly increased.

I wonder: will the Crappy People EVER bother to share the data they say they have on complaint rates?

After all, that would back their self-serving claims, and maybe even restore some faith in their once-respected stores.

But don’t hold your breath waiting for evidence they claim to have!
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The new Cordless Chainsaw - comes with a side-order of Spam!

Blaine T.: Just like the cordless weed eater I bought ? It broke after 3 months and tried to exchange it with no success.


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ok I have an update.court process was today,and I honestly felt like I was being railroaded by the judge.basically he said that my expenses were unreasonable(I have 3 kids,and he seemed to think that it was reasonable for me to leave my wife and kids home alone with no phone etc.and my argument that hang on if one of the kids was hurt etc. and she couldn't do shit was perfectly ok.)anyway the upshot of all of that was that he didn't seem to think that a 11 hour drive to the courtroom should be punctuated by a nights layover,and the fact ive driven fuck knows how many kilometers is irrelevant.
when I figured that the judge had set aside the default order in the previous hearing(and unknown to myself also makes that judgement invalid,not just set aside to give ct a chance to reply),then I got the distinct impression that things were about to turn even nastier than they were already.
even cts lawyer dropped their previous offer from $5k to $2k based im assuming on what the judge was saying.
hell he even said that he could FINE me if I had no intention of settling at that point.wasnt nice.
so at the end of the day I ended up offering to settle at $5k. the ct lawyer agreed and I now have to release them from my claim.leaves a bit of a nasty taste in my mouth,but hell at the end of it all I managed to eke out $5k for a $350 generator because they refused to exchange/refund me.maybe I could have done things a little differently,but I seriously got the feeling that all was not right there.as it stands,i have not officially released ct from the claim so im under no obligation whatsoever to censor what I really think,and I believe that ive said that here.
obviously once ive signed the release I will no longer be able to legally comment on the matter,but believe me I will be voicing my opinion on any matter that does not directly concern this!!


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as to whether or not fraud happened,i guess unless someone a little braver(and probably with some fukkin lawyer help) decides not to accept the bullshit,we wont know for sure....


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Hi 1wildhorse
Really sorry to hear what happened on judgment, however we (as used to be their customers) want to say thank you so much for staying & fighting for your right & other Canadian customer who may have same the story but don't want to spend time and fighting for their right, you take care of Canadian not CT, CT has to be embarrassed of their crappy service, you took them to the court & you won which is the point so personally i am appreciated for being such a brave & spend your time not for just yourself but for everybody and sharing the story, now they knew that they are men like you who fight for their right & not for the money,
they are so many people right now who aware of your story and CT is losing business that way => that is the point.
you know my story & you help me a lot and i am appreciated however i would be the next person who is going to take them to the court, so far they offer me after a month to release the car for free of charge if i wave the claim so please cross your finger for me and the judgement, either we won or loss, we give them a lesson to be fair with customer and their service
wish you have nice weekend and all the best for you and your wonderful family


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i am updating my story step by step and is still there, so surprised, i placed my claim and i left the claim number on CT feedback so far sent a copy handly + emailed + faxed to the branch also CT customer service please cross your fingers for me thanks
if you guys want to see my story please check
==> Babak Khoramdin : Very bad customer service, wrong estimate, poor service, not skilled mechanic


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yes it wasnt nice,but i appreciate your sentiments.i hope that others read my story too,and it may put others off spending money at ct.i for one will never be walking through those doors again...

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......wait just a second here. hold the horses and back the truck up.
You mean to tell me that you were unable to take down Canadian Tire with allegations of fraud? (in small claims court lol ) shocking.

Please allow me to be the first to laugh in your virtual face and point fingers lol Yes that's correct. There is absolutely no surprise on my end, nor was there every any concern that you could make any impact on Canadian Tire (ditto for this website as a whole) but to see it come to reality, just makes me laugh at your ridiculous claims and attempt, and further destroys your credibility.

Speaking of credibility throughout your entire process and crazy claims of having us right where you wanted us....remember brick at a time prepare to crumble.... I noticed that you didn't garner much if any agreement from h8r and challenger. Neither of them seemed to back your notion that you could take down the red triangle. I wonder why that is.....?

It would seem to me that although both would certainly like to see that, they were both smart enough to realize that you were crazy out to lunch.

food for thought